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Getting Crafty Up In Here-Fabric Button Earrings

1 Feb


I’ve been looking for a hobby to do, and saw someone wearing these online and decided that I needed some in my life. I started looking at Etsy and decided that they were to expensive to purchase. So I found a nifty little site that told me how to make them and Voila! I have earrings! I was churning these babies out in a matter of 30 minutes.


My little whale and star fish are my favorite. These are a bit on the larger size, about the size of a quarter.  I’m having a fun time making them.  My intention is to get some geek material (Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc…) and make them.  I also want to venture in making No Sew Scarves. If you have any tips on that let me know!

The basics that you need to make these earrings are:

Fabric Button kit (I found at JoAnn)


Jewelry Glue

Flat earring backing post.

What do you all think? My boyfriend is trying to convince me to try to sell them. I’m not sure how much traffic or who would want them.


Lush Cinders Review—-Last One of 2013

30 Dec



Good Monday!  I’m starting my New Years resolution to posting 3 times a week a little early.  This review comes from one of my many bath bombs my boyfriend bought me for Christmas.  He knew how much I love Lush he bought me a dozen of them, as well as getting me some other bath accessories to make my down time relaxing.  I LOVE the pillow he bought me the most!

For my first bomb that I tried, I used Cinders.


It was a lovely light orange color with some red speckles that were pop rocks to give you a crackling sound.  The main smells of this one is of cinnamon and oranges.  I got more of the cinnamon smell then anything, but it wasn’t an overly powerful smell that I would thought I would have.  I was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t even get a crackling sound from the pop rocks.


Look at my awesome pillow! I just makes me want to sleep in there.  So the color of the water turns yellow.  Of course my dirty little mind goes….ewww pee 😛 yes I’m silly like that.  The smell filled of cinnamon filled the bathroom immediately, but once filled up the scent became lighter.

Cinders was a limited Christmas edition bath bomb and is no longer available.  Thou if your interested this is just some ingredients and write up from the Lush site:

Almond oil, sweet orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils give a festive, fruity scent with a touch of spice to lift the spirits and linger on the skin. We’ve also put popping candy into the mix, which will gently crackle like the sound of a warming fireside. Take Cinders into the bath if you want to hide away from the big bad world and feel the comforts of home. Also great if you want to clear out the cobwebs from your mind, or the dust and soot from your body.


Quantitative Ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coarse Sea Salt, Popping Candy, Perfume, Gardenia Extract, Almond Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, *Cinnamal, *Eugenol, *Limonene, Colour 14700


***I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years!  What are you all doing? I’m having a few friends over for some finger foods, movies and board games!***

Which Is Better-Brush Or Sponge Applicator For Eyeshadows? Discuss with me!

17 Dec


Happy Tuesday!  I haven’t done a post for a few days, but some of you who are on the Facebook page Blogging Shares (click here to join if you want to join the group to share your blog) already know my craziness that is going on. Those who don’t, not only is Christmas is next week (eek!) I put in an application to adopt a 9 week old dachshund.   I will know Thursday if we were approved, cross your fingers for us, we’ve been looking for several months now and it just seemed like the right time.

So now onto the question.  I’ve been doing my makeup for years now and I always went back and forth from using the sponge applicator to using a brush.  What I always go back to is the sponge.  For some reason I find that I get more color on it then I do with a brush.  I feel like I have to go over it and over to get the saturation of color that I want. With a sponge maybe two swipes and I am there.  I do go back with a brush sometime to blend when needed.

imagesI feel like I get this with a sponge

imagesfffThis with a brush

So my question is what do you like to use? What do you think is better? Or do you use something completely different or both?  Discuss!

What’s Your Beauty Tips and Tricks? Discuss With Me!

9 Dec


I had fun with my last discuss me on mascara and thought I would do another one.  Everyone has some type of trick they do in their make up routine.  Some might be something we have already heard or something you discovered yourself.  I want to find out your tips and tricks to every day make up appliance or routines.


For instance, I’m sure you all do this, but I apply my nail polish right before I take a shower. So instead of going back with a some nail polish remover and accidentally take off some good polish on my nail, I’m able to scrape away the messy edges in the shower and my manicure looks perfect.


Another trick I do is instead of buy the liquid eyeshadow that can clump easily, I use high gloss lipstick/gloss on my lids.  It sees unorthodox but it works, and I also have a lipstick, so bonus multiuse!

So tell me what do you do? I can’t wait to hear from you!!

The Sunshine Award

18 Nov


I was nominated for the Sunshine award by Dragonfly Reviews, go check out her amazing reviews here


So here are the rules:


Share 11 facts about yourself


Answer the 11 set questions by your nomination blogger


Nominate 11 bloggers


Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer


The questions from The Beauty Deputy:


1. What are your goals? Right now is to make the best of work and get thru Christmas with only two more paychecks. Children are expensive.

2. What is your favorite make up brand? I have to say Urban Decay will always be my love.

3. Do you shop more online or offline and what is your favorite store? Online, since all my stores (minus Sephora) are ways away.

4. What are your hobbies? Honestly I don’t have one.  I dabble in little things and lose interest real quick.  I’m surprised I lasted this long blogging.

5. What is your favorite food? Sushi if I could afford it all the time I would.

6. What is your favorite book? Probably Wicked.  I’ve read it a couple of times and I’m really wanting to see the musical.

7. What is or was your favorite subject in school or college? Art and math. Yes I’m a paradox.

8. Do you have a car? What kind? Yes a 2002 Chevy Caviler.  It’s beat up and it’s got over 157,000 miles on it but it’s mine.

9. What band or musical artist do you like the most? That’s hard to say I’m really not listening to anyone hardcore right now. But anyone ska/punk like Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Operation Ivy.

10. What country do you live in? US…VA to be more exact

11. What is your favorite topic to write about? Well even thou I have a dedicated blog to makeup I love talking aobut movies. I had a movie blog but it was so much work it became unenjoyable so I stick to it more on my facebook.


11 Facts about myself


1. I have 15 tattoos


2. I have a big obsession with anything zombies.


3. It’s been over a year that my boyfriend and I have lived together, 3 years being committed, and meeting about 6 years ago. Which is a big deal since I thought he was going to want to be a forever bachelor.


4. It wasn’t until I was 21 that I really started to be out going.


5. I’m crafty.  Like I’m the McGuyver of crafts.  Especially out of work materials.


6. I am a sucker for those mystery toy boxes you see at bookstores.  I have a lot of the Marvel and Walking Dead ones.


7. I love the UFC.  When there is a PPV we have a fight night at my place or a friends.  It’s serious business with us.


8. I do not drink dark liquors.  We are not friends and never will be.


9. I want to move to Myrtle Beach. We go there every year for a week and it feels like home.


10. I’m not a big fan of romance movies or books.  I tend to go for the comic book/action movies.


11. I get along better with the boys then I do girls.  I tend to relate to guy stuff better, even thou I love girly makeup and dresses.


My nominations: (ok i got a little lazy with this bit, but I had to leave the house)


The Makeup Affair

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love beauty marks

skinny jeans and chanel dreams




My questions for my nominees:

1. If you could wear one thing every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

2. Favorite Season?

3.  If you had to be someone for a day who would it be?

4. Favorite thing to cook?

5. Favorite makeup item?

6. Favorite thing you own?

7.  In the last week, name one thing that made you smile?

8.  Do you pay it forward?

9.  What would you say is your motto?

10.  Say something random here…….

The Best $1 You Will Ever Spend For A Concealer

17 Nov


Sorry for the bad picture, but you can tell I have been using this for awhile and it’s been well loved by the rubbed out name. I bought this about a month ago and been recently using it more since I have been having the case of the dark circles.   E.L.F. always has some great products for great prices for someone on a budget.  When I bought this I was out of my own concealer and pretty much broke. I am very happy to report that you can find this at Target for a whole $1 at regular price! How amazing is that?


[Excuse the cracked out nails] I got the apricot beige just because I like to get a concealer a shade darker than my skin tone to have that maximum coverage, plus you can always blend it when you put your foundation over it.

To get an idea of the color, keep in mind that I am pretty fair skinned


That’s what it looks like on my skin and what it looks like blended in.  Pretty nice right?  I hope this is true but when testing out items like this they say use the back of the hand since it’s closest to your face tone.


Here is what the coverage is like.  I have no make up on [gasp the horror, that’s why your only seeing my eyeballs lol].On your left is me using the concealer, I look pretty even.  The right, you can see the dark under my inner corner of my eye and down, definitely not even.

So if you have a $1 burning in your wallet and need some eye savior cream then go hit Target and get his amazing concealer, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. In fact with e.l.f. I’m never disappointed in their products.

Urban Decay Lipstick in F-Bomb Review

21 Sep


Happy weekend everyone! Todays mini review comes by my new obsession with Urban Decays Revolutionary Lipstick. I recently got a small sample in the mail from them that had the color I have been wanting to try out. Which is their mega red F-Bomb. How great is that name??

I have to be honest, it was perfect timing since I have been dropping them at work lately.

So since it has been a bit cool I thought I would pair it with my new mustard sweater. Guys…..I am in love. This is the red I have been looking for. It lasted almost 8 hours (including drinking and eating all day, as well as rubbing my lips together constantly) and didnt dry out. Its not really a matte but doesnt have a glossy sheen. I will definatley be purchasing this soon!




Fine Hair Problems.

15 Sep


I really wish I was born with a crazy head of hair so I can fluff it out like the girl in the picture above.  Unfortunately I was graced with very baby fine hair that will always been the bane of my existence.  Sure I was very blessed in other features, but something about fine hair is a big hassle. Firstly, you run into the problem of the constant scalp exposure (and sun burn if you don’t wear a hat or use the proper sunscreen spray) which can make you look like your also balding when your not.  Then you have to make sure you always fix it in some way or it ends up laying flat and with no life to it.  Lastly you can’t go super long with it since it the ends will look like you stuck your finger in a socket and you just look crazy.

vintage_cartoon_woman_pulling_her_hair_out_royalty_free_clipart_picture_091211-150272-847042-scaled530What I feel like most of the time with my hair

pepnpeach 015An example of how a part can show how fine my hair is.

About 6 years ago I finally found the important thing a girl can have:  a proper hair stylist who knows how to work with fine hair.  She showed me the way of how I can turn my limp locks into something that resembles volume. The best part:  Little to no work involved on my end!!!  As someone who gets up at 6am for work this was an amazing step.  To this day  I have stuck with my lovely stylist and have continued to experiment with color and styling to make sure my locks are lushes at all time.  She even let me go a natural shampoo route since it’s done amazing things for my hair!

So if you have this problem as well as I do, here are a few styling products that I use to help make it luscious:


Chagrin Valley Soaps: Coconut Milk Natural Shampoo Bar

I found a mom and pop all natural store that ships from Ohio.  They have the most amazing products.  Mainly for this shampoo.  It was weird to use a shampoo bar at first but I really love it better then liquid shampoo.  It also is easier to take with you on a trip and takes us less space in the shower, and is vegan free.  The site description says that it gives silkiness, softness and shine to your hair and helps with frizzies.  Which is all true.  My hair instantly became so much healthier that it added volume and grew faster.

You can purchase a 1.5 oz sample bar for $2.50 and it will last over a month, for ever day use. Make sure that it won’t be in the line of the shower spray because it will make it melt faster. A whole bar 7 oz is $7.75 and last a good 6 months. I cut mine and half and after 3 months I’m about to use the other one.


Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse

I rarely use any other hair product other than some hairspray.  A couple years ago I started using this product from Redken and it is fabulous! It goes beyond a root booster and boost your whole hair up and and doesn’t leave it crispy and straw like when it dries. You just apply a small dime amount of the solid mousse to damp hair and blow dry out.  A round brush is the best to give extra volume.  I think it was about $12 when I purchased it and it’s last for a few years now, since I don’t use it a lot.

indexBig Head Hard Head Hairspray

This is perhaps the best hairspray I have ever used.  My hair is never straw and brittle like some can do. All I have to do is spray a bit on the roots and a few sprays underneath and wow the volume! In fact I recommend this hairspray for all types of hair if you wan that extra volume. You can find this at most retailers now like Target and Walmart for around $12.  Every once and awhile you can find a double pack at JCPennys or Hair Cuttery for really cheap. I don’t use this every day so this last me a few months.

As you can see I don’t use a lot for my hair.  It’s all about keeping it healthy and not doing a lot of damage (even thou I color my hair a lot, but oddly the chemicals in that make it fuller) and frying your hair with a lot of products.  Remember love and nourish your hair like you do your body and it will love you back by looking fabulous!

Girly Things That Make Me Happy: Weekend Edition

12 Sep


Confession time: I do not have many girl friends.  How does this happen?  I have found out as I get older the more girl friends you have the catty, back stabbing can happen. True story I’ve had this happen before.  I have some ladies at work that I enjoy going out with occasionally, one that I’m really close to. Other than that I have one really good female best friends, whom I don’t really get to see that much.

This brings me to my weekend edition of what is makes me happy.  I get to spend an evening with my friend shopping!!  We get to do this one a month. This time since fall is just right around the corner we are going boot shopping.  While we’re at the mall we will probably hit up some Ulta and DSW. If you don’t know what DSW is this should give you an idea:


Rows and Rows of Shhhooooooesss….


part shoe heaven


Little things like that spending some grown up time with out kids are some of the happiest moments.  After the shopping we usually grab some dinner and/or coffee and have a bitch fest.  It’s great therapy.  I won’t say cheap because we all know shopping no one ever comes out the victors except for retailers.  As  I get older I cherish these moments more and more, this little moment out of our hectic lives are important to me.

Do you all have any weekend plans? Or how do you celebrate with your girl friends?


A Few Of My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

11 Sep


My favorite season is almost upon us.  I’m talking about fall. I love this change from the summer to fall, especially all the colors that nature gives us.  The one thing living in Virginia is that we have a small window for fall, unless I go to the mountain area a few hours away then it last a little bit longer.  I’ve started to notice that some trees has spots of leaves changing to bright reds and oranges. As much as I hated this rainy summer and I do believe that it will pay off with nature, which is another reason why I can’t wait till I can get up to Monticello and see the beauty.

So with this excitement I decided with fall coming I would share some of my few favorite things about the seasons.

167 is straight from Best Scans files 167A = + 10 Red

Fall colors.  This is my most favorite of the season (and speaking of Monticello in the fall!)


Scarves!!  Guys I have an addiction. I get a few new scarves every season. I make sure they are unique and hard to find so no one can copy me!  It’s a good conversation starter too.


The smell of wood burning and fire places.  Our new apartment came with a fire place and we are kind of on the country side so I get to have both. But there is nothing better than the smell of burning wood on a cool crisp day.


Getting to wear my favorite outfit combo of an oversized sweater and leggings! You cannot get more comfortable with this. Add tall boots on and your set!


Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate. We have a great mountain top orchard that makes some great apple cider. Then if you head in the other direction to Williamsburg they have an olde towne hot chocolate that was drank more like a tea. Either way their both delicious. Sorry pumpkin spice apples and chocolate win every time.


Fall Birthdays.  My boyfriends and my birthday are 20 days apart in Oct.  So it’s a month of celebration!


Halloween!  I’m about a week away from starting to decorate for it.  It’s going to get crazy in here. Bonus: Less dusting so the real cobwebs can give an authentic touch lol.


Perhaps my most favorite holiday that happens in the fall is Thanksgiving. There is no need for gift or any fussing over anyone in particular.  It’s the one time you can enjoy sitting down and sharing a meal with your family, or families if your lucky to get to go to a few houses that day. All you have to worry about is wearing the most comfortable pair of pants and what left overs to bring home!

So what is your favorite thing about fall?  Or what season do you like better and why?


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