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YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm

4 Feb


Happy Thursday! Just one more day till the weekend starts and it’s going to be much needed.  I wanted to share with you my one big splurges I did at Christmas. I had a few Sephora gift cards and had been wanting to purchas a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.  I decided to get a Glossy Balm since I couldn’t get to store to test out the other colors they had.  I bought Mouthwatering Berry, which I thought would be a great inbetween color that wasn’t to pink or way to dark.


It’s kind of crazy how differen the color looks with and with out the flash.  I will say that flas does give more of it’s true color.


As you can see by the swatch without the flash, it is definately sheer. With the flash you can indeed see the glossy part. So the name of the lipstick does not give you a false advertisement (which bugs me when it does!)


So my verdict here, I really like the glossiness of the lipstick, it’s nice and smooth.  You do have to give it a few go arounds on the lip to get it a good consistancy, as you can see it does show the lines in your lips if you don’t exfoliate (mine were chapped that day).  At least from far away you don’t really notice it.   What I dislike about it:  The price $34 (yes this was a HUGE SPLURGE) and the scent. It’s got a weird plastic grapefruit smell. It doesn’t linger but when you open it up you can get a wiff of it.

Would I buy another again? No, just for the price alone and I can purchase Revlon Satin line for 3/4 the price.  At least I can say I have a YSL lipstick. I’ll be using the hell out of it to get my money’s worth.

Advice:  Unless you have a disposable income or gift cards, skip it.  Go with someting from Urban Decay, they have a Naked Lip Gloss line now and a girl friend of mine already purchased two and said they are amazing and hydrating. When I get paid I’m going to get some!

But if your insterested click here to go to Sephora and see the other colors they have in this line

So have you all purchased any YSL? Or a splurge like this?


Happy Turkey Day and A December Challenge

28 Nov


I wanted to wish each an everyone one of you Happy Thanksgiving. May all your tummys be stuffed and you pass out from a food coma.  For those that are traveling I wish you save travels to and from your loved ones. Today I am thankful that I will be having two Thanksgiving meals with my family and then my boyfriends family (and tons of left overs).  I am also thankful that I no longer work retail because the malls are opening up now on today and not Fridays (I hope those working retail get to spend time with their families and get perks for working this day).



December is approaching in a few days and I have set a challenge for myself. Since I have one paycheck left before Christmas (the next one I get paid the day before Christmas).  So in an effort to purchase all my gifts with that one, and save some money, I will not be making any fun purchases for myself.  I’ll still get my Birchbox and Ipsy, but other than that it’s all gifts.  So my December reviews are going to be items that I already have and try to use my products that are have way done and use them all up.

Now for some of you that are just getting to know me, I have a slight spending problem.


I’m still responsible for my bills, nothing is late. Thou the left over money….well I have a hard time saving lately. So in an effort to save my money for the holidays I will be no purchasing any fun stuff for myself even if it’s a mega deal.


So  would anyone be interested in joining me on this challenge?

Sephora Black Friday Deals

23 Nov


Sephora just put up on their pinterest their amazing $10 Black Friday only deals. I’ll be definitely staying up till midnight to bag some of these items. Click here to see the full list of deals on pinterest

The biggest deal I see is their 12 oz Purity Made simple.  $10 I’m sure it will see out quickly. There is also a lot of Stila and Tarte deals.  What are you most excited for?

Nars Limited Edition Guy Bourdin Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret

12 Nov


So finally I received my NARS limited edition Guy Bourdin collection.  This retails for $45 at Sephora and seems to be just in for a holiday special. I’m a sucker for collections like this.  Also Sephora has going on an 8 sample bag with a $25 purchase, which I will do in a separate post because it’s just that fabulous.

I have been a NARS lover for years now and I know when I get a product from them I am never disappointed.  This time around I am even more pleasantly surprised that the quality of the lip pencils are silkier than usual. They leave a smooth feel on my lips. Unfortunately my phone and camera decided to die for me so I have limited photos for you.

nars 001

The bag is too cute. I actually thing I’m going to use this in my purse to put my makeup that I keep in there.  Those lips are amazing.

nars 003

The colors from left to right:

Cruella, Doce Vita, Sex Machine, Never Say Never and New Lover.  With the exception of New Lover the rest are their Velvet Mattes. New Lover is a Velvet Gloss, and it is a very high gloss to it.  Cruella and Sex Machine come in .06 oz, while the other three are .08 oz. Why the size difference? Not sure, usually the gift sets all run smaller sizes.  I will say for the colors especially Never Say Never they are very pigmented.

nars 025

I have the colors on my hand as the same as the pictures above (this was the last pic my camera took, so terrible representation of the colors….sorry guys!).  You can still see that New Lover has a nice gloss to it.

Have you all purchased any gift sets yet or this particular one?


Here is a little story on who Guy Bourdin is to understand the NARS line

Bourdin was the first photographer to create a complex narrative, then snatch a moment — sensual, provocative, shocking, exotic, surrealistic, sometimes sinister — and simply associate it with a fashion item. The narratives were strange and mysterious, sometimes full of violence, sexuality, and surrealism. Bourdin was influenced by his mentor Man Ray, photographer Edward Weston, the surrealist painters Magritte and Balthus, and film maker Luis Buñuel. Even though much less well known to the public than his colleague Helmut Newton (also working for Vogue), Bourdin possibly has been more influential on the younger generations of fashion photographers.-wikipedia

1243767870063 images red_on_green

I would suggest to check out the Guy Bourdin site to get more of an idea of the kind of photography. I do warn you there are a good handful of ones with nudity so definitely NSFW.

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Winter Edition

29 Oct


I’ve been a little blogging crazy today!  This is the most energy I’ve had in awhile and I’m taking advantage of it.  I did a fall post not to long ago and since we seem to be skipping the fall temperatures here in VA and going straight to winter (my sister already had snow in Northern VA on Friday) I thought I would do a few of my favorite things for winter.

VA is a little funny when it comes to the weather.  We might have a few days of spring and fall, and it jumps right into summer and winter.  This past Friday the highs was maybe 40, and this Thursday is suppose to be 70 and back down again, we’re weird like that.

Now to the fun part!


I love hoodies so much, that the above picture is what I got for my birthday present from my boyfriend.  It’s an official UFC Chael Sonnen hoodie, my favorite fighter.  I like wearing these more than a jacket that I have to lug around.

hot-chocolate-ck-521720-lHot Chocolate

Fiend. That’ is all I have to say.  We have a Christmas Bizarre Bizarre and they have a table with all this home made hot chocolate with any flavor you can imagine.  That is my heaven and I have about a month before I get to go stock up.  So far right now I like the Starbucks one you can get at Target.  And marshmallows, I have to have a layer of them.

blankets_multiTons and Tons of Blankets

This one goes with the hot chocolate, because I will pile up under a 100 blankets and drink some.  I get teased a lot because when I get to Target or TJ Max and  find the most soft blanket in the world I will buy it and add it to the 3 that I already have on my couch.

imagesFireplaces and Decorating Time

I was more excited to have a fireplace when we moved into our apartment then anything else. More so the decorating part then the actual use.  Decorating a fireplace seems extra homey to me.  I love being crafty this time of year and nothing else makes me happier then seeing little bright eyes when he see’s it all decorated.

imagesCraft Time and Crafty Gifts

I go craft crazy this time of year. Making everything I can think of.  This year I plan on making a few wreaths and also some presents.  I think we get wrapped up on buying store bought items that we miss the meaningful things.  I like to sit down and craft something that I not only made with my own hands, but I thought out for that particular someone.  I know when I receive these types of things they mean more to me then perhaps a gift card.

giphyMoments Like This

Last year my boyfriend and I moved in together, and getting to wake up on Christmas (and any other day as well) together was a special moment for me.  We have a bit of a story on the 6 long years that finally led us to that moment, and thinking of the first Christmas together and when it turns cold it sparks some great memories for me.

Vintage Christmas Card0013Christmas

Of course Christmas.  I won’t like I like presents.  Thou as I get older I enjoy family gatherings more so than anything.  My sister comes home from college, and we get to spend time as a family, merge families.  Now that I’m in something serious and my boyfriend has a kid we have two to three different places we travel to so we can spend time evenly. But I enjoy driving around and mingling, eating three different dinners. Becoming so full with happiness and a full belly you can burst, then crash from carb overload when you get home. That’s the fun part.

What are some of your favorite winter things?

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

28 Oct


I recently did a post on my Body Shop haul that I had (I’ll have another soon, I got a box full of goodies coming my way I had tons of coupons and got more then 50% off my total purchase!).  I’ve been using the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner every other day for the last few days and I am pretty pleased so far.  I never really used a toner before but I’ve read a few sites that suggested it, and at the time that I bought it, it was 50% off.

Here is what The Body Shop site description is of the product

This refreshing toner freshens and removes the last traces of make-up, dirt and oil, leaving skin feeling soft, fresh and ready for moisturising. The shake to activate formula allows skin to benefit from mattifying powders, while ingredients including Community Trade organic tea tree oil, tamanu oil and white willow bark extracts ensure skin looks matte, without drying.

  • Removes traces of make-up, cleanser and impurities
  • Mattifying powders leave skin shine-free
  • Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin

The retail price is $11.50 right now there is a 25% store wide sale which makes it $8.63. Also if you purchase one of their new honey products you can use the promo code HONEY and get free shipping on your purchase!

My initial reaction was that it was very cooling to the face and that a little squeeze goes a long way. For those that do not like a strong smell, this one has a bit of one because it has that true tea tree smell, but once you swipe it across your face the smell goes away.  What surprised me that I thought my face was clear of my makeup since I used a face wash before hand, and I was wrong.  I still had some of my foundation on and it seemed to all come off on that one cotton ball.  I wasn’t prepared for that.  So it definitely removes traces of make-up and cleanses like it says.

As for the impurities, the only impurities that I have are a small amount of black heads on my nose and a bit of pink in my cheeks. My nose seemed to have cleared up a bit, but nothing really works on my pink parts of my skin. I’m not sure if that is part of the impurities that are covered for this toner.  While I do not have a lot of break outs and my skin is normally clear, I can contest that any type of tea tree is great for acne.

I’ve never really had any product that I have disliked from The Body Shop so I’m usually pleased with anything I buy.  The only thing I wish was that it came in a mini bottle to try out. I doubt I’ll use this whole thing.

Girly Things That Make Me Happy: Weekend Edition

12 Sep


Confession time: I do not have many girl friends.  How does this happen?  I have found out as I get older the more girl friends you have the catty, back stabbing can happen. True story I’ve had this happen before.  I have some ladies at work that I enjoy going out with occasionally, one that I’m really close to. Other than that I have one really good female best friends, whom I don’t really get to see that much.

This brings me to my weekend edition of what is makes me happy.  I get to spend an evening with my friend shopping!!  We get to do this one a month. This time since fall is just right around the corner we are going boot shopping.  While we’re at the mall we will probably hit up some Ulta and DSW. If you don’t know what DSW is this should give you an idea:


Rows and Rows of Shhhooooooesss….


part shoe heaven


Little things like that spending some grown up time with out kids are some of the happiest moments.  After the shopping we usually grab some dinner and/or coffee and have a bitch fest.  It’s great therapy.  I won’t say cheap because we all know shopping no one ever comes out the victors except for retailers.  As  I get older I cherish these moments more and more, this little moment out of our hectic lives are important to me.

Do you all have any weekend plans? Or how do you celebrate with your girl friends?


Epic Shoe Love…And The Best Theme Heels I’ve Seen So Far

28 Aug


I have a confession to make.  I didn’t start to love shoes until maybe about 3 or 4 years ago. Yes I know I got my girl shoe obsession in order now.  When I was younger I was more into the skater gear and wore Vans all the time that was my thing. Those are the only shoes I loved, I even bought the boys shoes since I could get into the smaller shoes and they had a better selection of shoes. I had purple and lime green Vans. The ever so famous black and white checkered ones.  Then maybe around after I graduated High School, I started to change into more of the combat boots look.  In school I was limited on whatI could wear since I went to a Catholic school and we could only wear sneakers in gym and then leather shoes and was limited on the style we could wear.


It’s not about deserving because you always do, so buy buy buy those shoes!

About 5 years ago I finally left retail hell (10 years I did my time) and started working in an office and I think then after seeing so many women wearing high heels that I decided it was time.  That’s when the obsession began.  I bought the funkiest shoes I could buy.  I can’t wear mega stilettos even though I have a few but more so for the novelty of it. But damn it I started strutting in them and didn’t look back. So now I’m into novelty shoes like crazy.

My very first pair I bought in the stelettos and in flats and I do honestly wear both because I love them. They are by Iron Fist (check them out online and all their products are vegan free, and makes for some comfortable shoes) and are called Zombie Stompers.  I also have a matching wallet. When you put the two shoes together you get a Zombie Face.

untitled untitled11


So I have a few other shoes from them that are comic book centric and also one called 99 Dead Ballons.  Now that fall is coming I’ll be looking to buy a few new pair of boots. Which my boyfriend will say “how many pairs of black boots do you really need?”  Ladies, can you agree with me that no two pair of shoes no matter what color they are, are the same? Snowflakes, right?

With this new love of shoes I love to look online and discover themed shoes.  I have learned how to use Mod Podge to decopage shoes which I will be working on soon to do.  I present you the most recent geek out themed shoes I am in love with.


Holy Bat Heels!


One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor With Just Any Shoes


Beep Boop Beep


A red light saber would be a great accessory

Do you have a shoe fetish? What are you favorite go to ones?  And would or do own anything like these?

Smooth as Smooth Can be Lips

9 Jul

Target Makeup 021

I recently blogged about my Target goodies that I bought a minute ago, and I wanted to do a little review on this Lip Exfoliator.  This was only $1!!!  I’ve bought an exfoliator in a pot form a while ago and it was just messy and I could have just used regular sugar and water to do the same thing.  I really was disappointed in this.  But what really got me excited was the form this one came in:

Target Makeup 022

The first time I used it was not to impressed since I didn’t get any of the scrubby parts that you can see in it.  All I got was just the shea butter.  I did give it another try and WOW did it ever exfoliate.  All I had to do was rub the stick a few times around my lips and then used my finger with a bit of water on it to really message it in, and then wash it off.  I’ve used it for almost a week straight now, and the dry irritating strip I have on my lower lip is gone.  It does recommend to use a lip balm afterwards for maximum moisture and I pair it up with my Korres lip butter in Jasmine.

If you need a little scrubbin on your lips definately try this ELF product.  This has to be my favorite buy, and honestly if you don’t end up liking it your out $1 but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

A little bit of Target Was Needed in My Life This Weekend

29 Jun

Target Makeup 001

I’ve been having a tough week at work, then it was time to resign our lease which wouldn’t have been a big decision on what we needed to do but we are unsure about our job right now, if we will even have one after Aug 15.  Luckily our leasing office was nice enough to let us do a five month lease and then the option of doing a full year after we find out about our job.  Then I also got notice that I was picked for jury duty for two months, but I’m not longer living in the county so I’m hoping to get out of it.  That’s all I need to add to my crazy life.  Enough of that stuff!

So I went to Target for one thing, and one thing only. HAHAHA says no one ever!  I went and had a few hours of me time and this is what happened.  The above picture is just a small sample of what I bought. The rest was food stuff and an extra plastic box to house my nail polish, I’m trying to reorganize and update the look in my bathroom.

Target Makeup 003

The first item I bought was this really cute basket, I needed something to put my bath bombs in and I loved the color.  It’s so bright and cheery and will go well with the bright greens in my bathroom.  $5 which wasn’t bad considering the other baskets I was looking at weren’t as cute.

Target Makeup 005

This is what I was only going for.  I just ran out of my makeup remover for a few days now. Out of all the makeup removers I really like this one the best.  My eyes can be somewhat sensitive and this one isn’t at all harsh for them.

Target Makeup 006

No on to the other goodies.  I needed some sticky notes for work and they never have this size I need.  They were each a $1.

Target Makeup 007

I was particularly excited about this purchase.  This Beach Beauty Palette was only $6 from elf.  I can wait to use it, I’ll do a review on it later when I do, but here is what the whole package looks like.

Target Makeup 014

Target Makeup 008

Target Makeup 010

Target Makeup 012

Target Makeup 013

Target Makeup 015

Keeping with the elf theme, I was so excited for this find!  I’ve been wanting makeup shields for my eyes, especially with the glitter shadows.  I’ve only seen the paper ones, so this plastic one on a wand is going to be curious when I use it.  At least with the paper ones you can throw away, I’m not sure how well this will clean, but it was only $3.

Target Makeup 016

This concealer was mandatory.  My bags and lines under my eyes are getting ridiculous under my eyes. I’m going to try this out for a $1 what can I lose?

Target Makeup 017Target Makeup 028

Covergirl has this new line of mini polishes out for $2.99.  I bought Sangria which is a pretty coral color.  I’ve really been getting it coral, it just seems to be the shade of the summer for me.  I also bought a Rimmel lip liner in Addiction since I’m tired of my lip colors bleeding for $4.

Target Makeup 021Target Makeup 022

Going back to elf I bough this Lip Exfoliator.  I had bought a higher end one and wasn’t impressed.  I really like this lipstick format for $1.  If it doesn’t work I”ll go with the old sugar and water home remedy.

Target Makeup 018Target Makeup 019

This is Kates Rimmel line in color 109 Lasting Rich Color Lipstick,  I really liked the orange coral look to it.  I am hoping this one will work, I just can’t find the coral of my dreams yet.  This was $4.

Target Makeup 023Target Makeup 024Target Makeup 026

Lastly this is elf Matte Lip Color in Rich Red. I’m thinking this will be a lovely red color that I can wear with anything.  Again I have light, plae skin so it’s always hard to match up the colors, I do try to go with cooler tones with blues in them.  This was only $2.

If your interested in red lip colors I found this handy to sight on How to choose a red lipstick (sorry the link option isn’t working for me): http://blog.mmatroy.com/a-red-lip-for-everyone/

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  If you have some finds or bought something nice let me know.

Have you used any of these products?  Or can you suggest a coral lip color for me?


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