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How to Make the Most Out Of 15 Minutes

8 Feb


Happy Saturday!  Usually the weekend brings all the things you didn’t get to do during the week, or those you put off.  I put off a lot of things, mainly dishes (even thou it’s so easy to just stick them dishwasher right away, but you know, the sink is right there and you don’t have to open it up or anything LOL). I also have a 4 month old puppy and a 10 year old as well. All this leaves me little time to pamper myself when I’m constantly on the go, getting dinner/lunch going, feeding and playing with the puppy and kid and so on and so on, and never stop till I drop.

imagesThou I do get 15 minutes of blissful time in the shower

In 15 minutes you can get a lot of fast decent pampering done.  These are my steps to get the most out of a beauty routine that sometime can take up to 30 minutes or more.

indexMask your face before you get in the shower

Step 1: Get that mask on your face!  This way it can sit and soak in and do all it’s masking magic while you get some other pampering in.  I’m still deciding on what mask I like the most right now, today I tried Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treament, which the verdict is still out right now on it.

indexTreat your hands

Step 2: Get some cuticle oil and give some love to your fingers.  I have the Sephora brand cuticle oil in a brush pen.  Just take off the cap and apply.  While my mask is setting I can quickly put the oil and message the oil in.

indexShower Time

Step 3: Start that shower!  Now it’s time to do your shower routine but backwards!  Give that mask more time to soak in.


Step 4: Scrub your parts. I love the Deep Steep Sugar Scrub.  It’s all natural and leave my skin soft and moisturized.  You can go straight to their site but I would recommend going to Lucky Vitamin that has them for half the cost (I made a huge purchase and was pleased with their service).

indexWash your face

Step 5:  Now that your mask has had time to sit, now you can go ahead and take it off.  See how many things you have accomplished to this point: face, hands and body!

indexFinish it up

Step 6:  Now finish up.  Now is  a good time to wash your hair. I had some mask bits dry in my hair so it was nice to do this step last.  Also it will allow you to get any bits of mask off around the edges that sometimes you tend to miss (I know I do!)


Ta-Dah!  You got all that done in probably less then 15 minutes!  I sometimes have a few extra to dry my hair and do my make up. Thou sometimes it’s nice to have the pampering time more so the make up and hair!

Enjoy your weekend!


Sephora Outragous Metetallic Purple and passion for the color

6 Jun


Morning lovelies! Today I share my new eyeshadow that I just bought from Sephora. It was on sale and because it was purple I really had no choice. Here are the pros and cons:

Pros: stays on all day with an eye primer, lovely purple shade

Cons: without primer not long lasting, not very metalic, took several swipes to build the color I wanted.

While the cons out weigh the pros it will be a nice addition to my purple make up stash. Also will look better as a evening color then day. 




That was yesterdays look. Tosay I went with a purple theme again. I used my Urban Decay in Grifter (left) and Purple Haze. These are two of my favorite Urban Decay colors and if you love purple I suggest you buy these right now. Do use an eye primer, Griftee has some sparkles to it and the primer keeps it in tact. I hate looking like a disco ball at the end of the day. Plus its a great color for day or a highlighter on under your brow. I did match it with the Sephora purple liquid eyeliner and a purple top for work this morning.




What are your favorite eyeshadow colors?

Ill be on my nails and tie…

6 Apr


Happy Saturday! I almost didnt want to change my nails from last week since they were miraculiously intact. But I did and wanted something bright. I put on Ali from Zoya. Its a lot brighter in person. The first coat goes on matte the second becomes less matte. Then I boughy some bowtie nail decals that I got from All Cosmetic Wholesale for $2 for 15 decals. They were super easy to put on. Put in water for 30 seconds then peel off the backing once on put a top coat. Ill let you know how long they last. Stay beautiful!

Later on Ill have my review up for the lip sticks I bought.

Product review: Korres body and lip butter

18 Mar


One late evening I was indulging in my secret love of QVC. Im not a frequent buyer but I have bought some great big and gaudy costume jewelry. It was a month before Christmas and O was watching QVC and they had an hour long special of Korres. Being a Sephora lover Ive seen this brand around. So I indulged and watched and damn if they didnt sell me on their body butter claiming it was hight moisturizing and had antiaging agents in it.

To my surprise my boyfriend took notice and I got a three pack of body butters. In it was a limited edition sent for QVC called bergamont pear. This sent is light and friuty and reminds me of summer. I started using it immediately and daily and noticed in a week that my hands were smoother and my cuticles looked fabulous. The best part of this body butter is that it soaks in and is silky and no greasy effect and last all day. I now have two huge botttles and body wash in it.

Then Sephora gifted me with a 15% off and I bought the lip butter in jasmine. Thou it has a sweet floral smell that is fantastic it doesnt have a flavor. In the pot its a slight pink tint but it goes on clear. I started putting it on at night and to my surprised my lips were smooth in the morning. After a week I noticed my lips were less chapped and had less dead skin.

To rate it I give both 10\10. Buy it off QVC you can only get the bergamon pear and the prices are great.  I highly recommend!


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