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Mini Review: Aveeno Postitively Radient Deep Cleansing Pads

6 Jan


Happy Monday.  Back to a full work schedule till I have a day off on 20 Jan. That three day weekend can’t come quick enough.

I wanted to share my reactions to the Aveeno Cleansing Pads I purchased the other day from Rite Aid.  The pads are the size of the bottom of a mug. They have two sides, one is soft for the sensitive areas around your eyes and lips, the other an exfoliant side.

I really enjoyed this product. It’s already wet and ready to later up on your damp face. I couldn’t believe everything that it picked up, considering I hadn’t put on make up for a bit over a whole day.  The exfoliant side isn’t super abrasive but enough that you can tell it’s doing what it’s suppose to.  The scent is very light and it suds up very nicely.

Once washed off my skin looked a litte red since I did a nice scrub on it. Once it settled down it was so soft and radient looking. I’m excited to say this is a good review and would highly recommend this for anyone. It cleared my my little dry patch that likes to settle right between my eybrows.  It cost me $8.


Wash Your Face Now! What Makeup Does When You Don’t.

29 Jul


Today I read a story about a women who did not wash her make up off before she went to sleep for a month and what happens to your face after that trial run.  This story horrified me, so I ran out and bought an all day face wash immediately after work.  I have scrubs and pads that removes my eye make up but not a real face wash.  So before I give you the link love to the story on The Daily Mail and why I was horrified, I will tell you a little story about myself.

When I was 13 I started getting acne that was so horrible, I had zits the size of nickles or larger that would like to plant either right under my eyes or next to my nose to look like the wicked witch.  I had this pepperoni pizza face for 3 years. I did the Retina A and other alcohol based treatments, it made my face flake and dried out and red and itchy so bad.  Finally instead of going back to the dermatologist I went to my family doctor, and he said to just leave it alone and not put anything on it.  He was right.  Once I hit around 17 my face was so clear that I didn’t even get the rouge pimple.

Now with that you would think that I would wash my face like something fierce.  I am embarrassed to say that I don’t, I’m usually really tired after work and don’t hardly take off my make up even thou I wear bare minerals during the day, and I mainly wash it in the morning.  But now, now I will never ever do it again. After reading what this woman endured with the little white bumps around her eyes and how it aged her by 10 years.

This is a great read for anyone:  The Daily Mail Post


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