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Getting Crafty Up In Here-Fabric Button Earrings

1 Feb


I’ve been looking for a hobby to do, and saw someone wearing these online and decided that I needed some in my life. I started looking at Etsy and decided that they were to expensive to purchase. So I found a nifty little site that told me how to make them and Voila! I have earrings! I was churning these babies out in a matter of 30 minutes.


My little whale and star fish are my favorite. These are a bit on the larger size, about the size of a quarter.  I’m having a fun time making them.  My intention is to get some geek material (Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc…) and make them.  I also want to venture in making No Sew Scarves. If you have any tips on that let me know!

The basics that you need to make these earrings are:

Fabric Button kit (I found at JoAnn)


Jewelry Glue

Flat earring backing post.

What do you all think? My boyfriend is trying to convince me to try to sell them. I’m not sure how much traffic or who would want them.


A Few Of My Favorite Things: Winter Edition

29 Oct


I’ve been a little blogging crazy today!  This is the most energy I’ve had in awhile and I’m taking advantage of it.  I did a fall post not to long ago and since we seem to be skipping the fall temperatures here in VA and going straight to winter (my sister already had snow in Northern VA on Friday) I thought I would do a few of my favorite things for winter.

VA is a little funny when it comes to the weather.  We might have a few days of spring and fall, and it jumps right into summer and winter.  This past Friday the highs was maybe 40, and this Thursday is suppose to be 70 and back down again, we’re weird like that.

Now to the fun part!


I love hoodies so much, that the above picture is what I got for my birthday present from my boyfriend.  It’s an official UFC Chael Sonnen hoodie, my favorite fighter.  I like wearing these more than a jacket that I have to lug around.

hot-chocolate-ck-521720-lHot Chocolate

Fiend. That’ is all I have to say.  We have a Christmas Bizarre Bizarre and they have a table with all this home made hot chocolate with any flavor you can imagine.  That is my heaven and I have about a month before I get to go stock up.  So far right now I like the Starbucks one you can get at Target.  And marshmallows, I have to have a layer of them.

blankets_multiTons and Tons of Blankets

This one goes with the hot chocolate, because I will pile up under a 100 blankets and drink some.  I get teased a lot because when I get to Target or TJ Max and  find the most soft blanket in the world I will buy it and add it to the 3 that I already have on my couch.

imagesFireplaces and Decorating Time

I was more excited to have a fireplace when we moved into our apartment then anything else. More so the decorating part then the actual use.  Decorating a fireplace seems extra homey to me.  I love being crafty this time of year and nothing else makes me happier then seeing little bright eyes when he see’s it all decorated.

imagesCraft Time and Crafty Gifts

I go craft crazy this time of year. Making everything I can think of.  This year I plan on making a few wreaths and also some presents.  I think we get wrapped up on buying store bought items that we miss the meaningful things.  I like to sit down and craft something that I not only made with my own hands, but I thought out for that particular someone.  I know when I receive these types of things they mean more to me then perhaps a gift card.

giphyMoments Like This

Last year my boyfriend and I moved in together, and getting to wake up on Christmas (and any other day as well) together was a special moment for me.  We have a bit of a story on the 6 long years that finally led us to that moment, and thinking of the first Christmas together and when it turns cold it sparks some great memories for me.

Vintage Christmas Card0013Christmas

Of course Christmas.  I won’t like I like presents.  Thou as I get older I enjoy family gatherings more so than anything.  My sister comes home from college, and we get to spend time as a family, merge families.  Now that I’m in something serious and my boyfriend has a kid we have two to three different places we travel to so we can spend time evenly. But I enjoy driving around and mingling, eating three different dinners. Becoming so full with happiness and a full belly you can burst, then crash from carb overload when you get home. That’s the fun part.

What are some of your favorite winter things?


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