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Feb Birchbox

17 Feb


Happy Monday. I hope you got to enjoy the day off if you had one. Luckily I have a goverment job so we still got to keep ours! It was a big day today for me. I bought some new sofas and to celebrate saw Robocop which was a pretty decent remake.

I wanted to give you a peep into this months Birchbox. I was very disappointed in this one. I am not a perfume person so I probably pawn this off.

The shampoo and conditioner will be given away since I use a natural one. The body lotion I might will try. The only thing I will use is the mascara.

Did you all like what you got in Birchbox?


Mox Botanical Lip Butter

8 Dec

moxbotanicals_lipbutter_pomegranatefig_exclusive_900x900Happy Sunday!  It’s a cold and rainy one in VA, we missed out on the ice and snow, so we lucked out. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy day just as I am!

First let me apologize for the lack of a real picture. I have this as my desk lip butter at work and am missing it pretty bad today.  So this picture is courtesy of the Birchbox site where I purchased it.  I bought this in my November purchase (going 8 days and strong with not buying me anything awesome).

I’m becoming a big fan of lip butters.  I already have one from Korres which I am addicted to and only keep it at home so I won’t lose it.  So I needed to purchase one that I could keep at my desk at work.  When I opened up the product I didn’t think I was going to like it since it’s not at soft as my Korres.  This one is a bit of a harder product, but once you swirl your finger around it it melts nicely, but not to much to where it becomes messy.

I purchased the Pomegranate and Fig which is an exclusive to Birchbox, it has a light sweet scent but no taste to it.  You don’t need to slather much because a little goes a long way with this one.  It’s light and thin, doesn’t get goopy and lays on your lips nicely to give you a soft and smooth feel.  Also as a bonus the pot is made from MIRON glass, which is a violet glass that is on the thick side (you would never know it’s glass) which protects it from the light and extends the shelf life of your product.  If you want to learn a bit more about it go to the MIRON site here and check it out.

Mox also come in Coconut Almondine and retails for $16, if your interested check it out here at Birchbox.  They also make some bath products, a candle and perfume. I can’t say how fantastic this product is, but this one was splurge for me so I could get some free stuff on the site.

Amika Bombsell Blowout Spray

7 Dec


Happy Saturday!  I’ve been up since 7am shopping and just got home at 4pm.  I am tired. I can’t shop out in the real world like I use to.

Today’s review comes from a sample I received from a Birchbox purchase.  I purchased this in November so I’m still doing good on my no buying for Jen December!  I bought a big bottle of 12 Benefits that I received in one of my Birchboxes and just recently ran out of . I love it so much!  Well one one my free samples was another hair spray.

Now I was skeptical on these hair serums, as I’m calling them. Then of course when I started using the 12 Benefits I changed my mind.  So two days ago I started using this Amica spray and this is a godsend for people with thin hair!

So what you do is on damp hair (they say you can use this on dry as well) spray it in sections from root to tip.  When you blow dry your hair it will add volume and texture  to it.  Normally these volume sprays make your hair feel chalky and a bit dirty, this one didn’t. In fact I didn’t even have to use hair spray afterwards for extra volume.  It held in my hair all day long.  It’s amazing.  Now unlike the 12 benefits, it doesn’t give me that soft shiny feel.  If you want a boost for your hair, this is the one your going to use.  I would say especially if you were going to style your hair afterwards.

Right now on Birchbox it is sold out but you can join the waiting list for when it comes back in, it retails there for $24.  I highly suggest this if you have thinner/baby fine hair (especially at the top like me) to add some nice volume.  I’m sure for thicker hair it’ll give you some extra va-va-va-voom!

Here is a bit more information on this from the Birhbox site:

Birchbox Breakdown

As the saying goes, a jack of all trades is typically a master of none. Not so for amika™’s Bombshell Blowout spray, which successfully works on both damp and dry hair to give you the perfect bombshell blowout. The lightweight spray performs a variety of functions, protecting, nourishing, smoothing, and volumizing hair. We apply it to damp strands before blow-drying to provide heat protection, texture, and lift. It also serves as a light hold mist for dry hair and can facilitate restyling. In keeping with its multipurpose personality, it works on all hair types, including color-treated hair.

How it Works

The spray is derived from rice and contains obliphica (sea buckthorn berry) oil, which offers a laundry list of powerful ingredients: antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fatty acids, omegas 3, 6, and 9, and omega 7 (generally found only in fish oil). Together, they moisturize and strengthen, repair split ends, enhance shine, and restore hair’s natural balance. Plus, the spray is free of parabens and artificial colors.

How to Use

Divide damp hair into sections, and spray from roots to ends before blow-drying. The spray can also be used on dry hair.

November BirchBox

18 Nov


I’ve had this one for a week or so now, and it’s been sitting on my table for that long. As you can tell I am not to happy with it. Birchbox will be getting one more month before I decide to cancel my subscription. They haven’t sent me much that I liked. Thou if I do cancel it, that means I get to start up a new one!  So it’s not all a loss, right?

I normally get a lot of polishes, this one comes form Color Club in Dark and Stormy.  This is close to the color I received in my Ipsy bag this month. Unlike Ipsy this is just a small sample size, which is ok. I’ll probably give it away as a gift, I have a few ladies at work that like nail polish. It retails for $8


Paula’s Choice Resist BHA 9 for Stubborn Impurities. The Birchbox site says hat slowly releases small doses of skin-transforming salicylic acid long after your initial application. Best of all, the doses are so gentle your skin will reap all the positive benefits of salicylic acid without experiencing any dryness or irritation. I’ll lock this one away when I have some rough spots, which I’m sure will come up now that it’s getting cooler. A full size retails for $37.  This is just a small sample.


BeeKind Body Lotion with honey and organic chamomile extracts.  I did try this out when I opened the box.  It’s got a nice light scent and is not to greasy.  It will be nice to keep at my desk or in my purse. It retails for $15.


Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace. Birch box says that it’s a brightening formula visibly lifts and opens up the eyes when used on brow bones, water lines, or inner corners, and contours the face by drawing light to the high plains of the face (like the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and Cupid’s bow). It also helps you create a flawless finish with precise coverage of dark spots, acne scars, and blemishes, and creates clean lines around your lips when you’re rocking a bold lip color.  Ok after reading that I will give it try. I have never used a highlighter but we’ll see how it goes. It retails for $18

chuao_bar_honeycomb_900x900_1_2Chuao Honeycomb Chocolatier Bar.  This one I don’t have a real picture of because my boyfriend wanted to try it right away.  This bar was a nice dark chocolate with bits of honey comb which was a perfect combination.  This line makes interesting combinations with popcorn, maple bacon, pop rocks to name a few. The 2.8 oz bar is $6, a little steep for chocolate, but if you want to try something different this would be the one.  This was actually my favorite part of the box.

Did you all get anything interesting in you Birchbox?


Need Healthy Hair Help? Let 12 Benefits Help You

29 Oct


I feel like today is all about hair. I just did a Wet Brush review now I’m going on with 12 Benefits review.  I recieved this spray in my Birchbox this month.  I didn’t think I was going to use it, but I gave it a try and the last few days I’ve seen a fe results.

First let me tell you what the products says it does:

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is composed of 95% protein and 3% moisture and trace elements, and 2% natural lipids, maintaining this balance is essential to preventing and repairing damage. What it does: It infuses hair with moisture, strength and shine, smooths frizz, detangles and improves manageability. What else you need to know: 1. Seal hair color 2. Smooth frizz 3. Repair damage 4. Prevent split ends 5. Moisturize dry hair 6. Strengthen fragile hair 7. Prevent flat iron damage 8. Prevent chlorine, wind, and sun damage 9. Add shine, softness and a silky finish 10. Protect hair from blow-drying 11. Improve detangling and manageability 12. Keep hair youthful

Now I’ve only been using this a few days and I’ve seen a few results.  My hair is over processed due to color, so I have noticed that my hair has been softer, and has a nice luster to it and is definately not as dry as it could be.  I definately have less frizzes from blow drying.  I can’t really say much for the detangling because my We Brush takes care of the tangles. It seems the combination of the two it seems that I don’t have as much tangles as I normally do.

While I have never seen this anywhere I did see it on Amazon (because if they don’t have it no one will!) and they have a 6 oz bottle for $19.99, I did see a pack of 3 travel size ones on there for $11.99 1.5 oz each.

So final verdict.  Well I like how my hair feels, it’s so so soft to the touch. I’m going to use this for the next week straight and see how it goes. If I see a major improvement I will more than likely purchase this.  If you arn’t willing to try it for $20 (which I don’t blame you if your arn’t sure of it) Allure has a good list of some of the best products to keep your hair healthy if you want to take a look.

October Birchbox

14 Oct


I have been pretty happy with my Birchbox for the last two months. This month thou was a big dud.  I’m going to give it two more months and then going to decide to keep it or not.  You think if they ask you certain questions about yourself they would match you up better. None the less it’s $10 a month and it’s nice to get these packages in the mail.

014This is the card that came in the box of what the retail prices are


This is the only one I am excited to use, my hair tangles and if this detangles like it says this will be a winner


I’m a bit scared to use this so I’ll try it on a weekend. I never know how my skin will hold up against and item like this.


The foundation will not be used it’s WAY to dark for my skin. The lip and cheek stain might be used once, but I hate stains so I’ll probably be giving both away.


I’ll always take a Chap Stick product any day.

All in all it’s a dud.  If anyone is interested in the foundation sample and lip/cheek stain let me know as long as your in the US I will ship it to you 🙂  I hate to see products going to waste.


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