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When Your Lips Are Toast, Use This Butter!

14 Feb


OK so that was a cheap tag line, but let me just say my lips are kind of crazy flaky dry like that.  I’ve been sick a bit over a week now and of course the two places that get uber dry are just around your nose and your lips.  Usually for me, since I’m weird like this, my lips are usually dry just around the line area of them. Never the full lips, that get licked the most. See weirdo here.  So while my boyfriend and I were on a trip to Target and getting medicine, he decided he wanted to try some different lip balms.  We were surprised when we found that Palmer’s made a lip balm.

If you haven’t used anything from Palmer’s go out and purchase something right now, especially if you love the smell of cocoa.  I fell like I have a hot chocolate lingering on my lips (sadly no taste included).

The site says that the cocoa is a natural moisturizer, which if I could slather on cocoa all day long I will.  I might.  I think I need to go buy a jar now.   Their site also says that their tube is the second most concentrated in the moisture area (while their jar has the most, the lotion the least), also another benefit SPF 15! If you want some more information go check out their site here and check out their FAQ.


Another neat feature, that I tend to enjoy a lot, is the oval shape.  It’s sits a lot nicer in my purse and in my pocket (which was also a selling point for my boyfriend). This balm has become a favorite of mine so far.  I believe it was only $2.99 at Target, and if you ever find yourself there go and pick up one.


Oh The Colors I Can Do! elf Beach Beauty Eye Palette Review

9 Jul

Target Makeup 014

I bought this the same time when I bought the elf lip scrub.  I was really excited on the bright colors in this palette. Here is just a few pictures on what it looks like all brand spanking new.

Target Makeup 010Target Makeup 012Target Makeup 013

It comes with 16 eyeshadows, 8  lip colors, and 4 blushes.  I haven’t tried the blushes yet, but I did try some of the lip colors and they didn’t show a lot of color.  BUT….the eye shadows are fabulous!  I do wear them all with my Urban Decay eye primer in sin, it helps bring out the vibrancy. Here is a few looks I got out of it.  I do a lot of variations with the greens, they are so pretty!


This is a lighter version use of the colors, I used the champagne/blush color on the outside and used the light sea foam green on the inside. I’ve been doing a lot of darker color accents on the inner corner of my eye, I think it has a good effect.


Couple of variations of the green


Lastly the blues.  I actually adore the blues too.  This palette was a steal for $6 and another recommendation.  I’ll find use for the blush and I’ll have to just layer the lip colors on something.

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