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Memorial Day Mini Movie Marathon

27 May


Amongst all things that deals with beauty and make up my first passion is movies.  I love everything about them so much I get so invested in some that I follow them from conception, to the hiring of directors, writers, actors and composers for the score.  Watch the leaked story boards or any concept ideas.  I follow tweets, certain sites that get first hand insider scoops of what is going on.  Then to finally sit and watch the months that I have followed this movie growing up I finally get to see the finish product. I just love movies so much that it becomes a common conversation piece for me and my boyfriend.  And now I have a new work mate that loves movies just as I do and it excites me to no end.

So this weekend I had a 3 day as most of us did!  Saturday I pretty much stayed in my pjs with one of my killer migraines and while the boyfriend and his mini me (who bogarts the tv/blu ray) went out for a bit, so I got the whole place to myself.  Then yesterday we didn’t do to much so I continued the mini movie-a-thon into that evening.  Here is what I watched:


I bought this movie when I was on vacation and couldn’t wait to watch it.  When you give me Keira Knightly in a period drama I just throw all my monies at it.  While our area showed this in limited release I was unable to get to see it in person. Now I have not read this book, nor am I overly fond of the idea of wanting to read it. So please excuse the lack of knowledge of this story from me.  Firstly I want to say this movie had some of the most beautiful cinematography going on.  The color saturation was just so rich, and the costumes, well the costumes we just so lovely that there was no reason to think twice on why it won this years Oscar best costume.  I in particular liked how the filmed it, opening it up on a stage, and continued the theme throughout. I saw it as a metaphor as our lives we are all part of the stage and people are always watching us what we do.  Anna is married to a high official, falls in love with a man and has an affair with him, and unfolds a tragic love story of a woman coming undone with a forbidden love that really could never be.  It’s really tragic. It also had some spectacular acting.  I highly recommend it if you love this kind of story.


This Means War is a guilty pleasure of mine, so much I watched it twice in one day. The picture has 2 of my many guilty eye candy pleasures. While it’s not the best performance Reese Witherspoon has delivered, she did kind of phone it in (well except for the little romance parts, but who wouldn’t).  This movie has the usual trope of two guys meet a girl, both guys fall, both guys do everything in their power to get the girl and one comes out alive.  What gives this movie a bit of a twist is that they work for the CIA so how they acquire info and try to sabotage each other is kind of funny.  But what really skirts the movie by is the lovely bromance between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, they have great chemistry.  So ladies if you want to watch a rom-com with some nice eye candy, and Hardy gets to use is accent, then pop this one in.


While making my boyfriend endure repeat viewing #2 of This Means War which he did chuckle a few times, he actually sat down and watched The Five-Year Engagement with me.  We recorded this on a free movie weekend a few months back and since I was on a kick we decided to watch it to get it off our DVR.  This had a hell of a cast Jason Segel, Allison Brie, Emily Blunt and Chris Pratt. This is a Judd Apatow film (Knocked Up, This is 40) written by Segel and Nicholas Stoler (great writing team, I believe they co wrote the recent Muppets Movie).  While it had comedic hints to it, it really told the story of Tom (Segel) and Violet (Blunt) and their ups and downs of their engagement.  Tom is an up and coming Chef while Violet is waiting to hear from a Psyche department in the CA area, when they didn’t happen Michigan offered her a job and Tom turns down a head Chef gig to move with her so she can pursue her dreams. Unable to find a good upscale job he ends up making sandwiches.  She ends up becoming immersed in her work while he ends up hating his job and where he is head, which is really no where.  After years of becoming miserable they decided it was time to retry and get married, since Tom has all the time on his hands he gets all the wedding things in order, he finds out Violet and the head professor of the Psche department shared a drunken kiss, which she ends up telling Tom the night before their engagement party. What happens after that is a fall out between the two, Tom ends up leaving Violet and about a year of struggle of them being apart from each other and with other people they figure out what matters is the most is them being together.  I really enjoyed this movie, probably a tad more then most would since I saw a little of my current relationship in this.  If you truly love someone and you two are meant to be with each other, no matter how long, no matter what ups and downs, and things and people that rip you apart, if your meant to be with each other you will find each other again.  I recommend this one if your looking for a bit more serious rom-com.


My Weekend with Marilyn was on my list of past Oscar nominees/movies that I’ve been wanting to watch. This was also recorded on that free movie weekend.  I like Marilyn Monroe, she is a major icon for women.  While I’ve only seen Some Like It Hot, I’m not going out and watching all her movies. What I do enjoy is that this movie isn’t as story how she came about and go thru her life quickly in 2 hours and some change movie.  What I’m enjoying about movie lately that are biopics is that they are concentrating on certain times in their life that can give them more meat to the movie.  This takes place while Marilyn (now 30 and on her third marriage) is filming  The Prince and The Showgirl with Laurence Olivier.  She is trying to be seen as a serious actress but lacks confidence, which makes her a little hard to work with (plus her high demands and being constantly late doesn’t help).  A young man named Colin wants to work in the film industry and ends up being the third assistant director, which means he is a gofer, befriends her and helps her thru giving her confidence. They end up having an emotional affair that helps frame the movie.  Michelle Williams gives a great performance, a bit convincing at times. While I could not see anyone else playing, no one will ever be able to match Monroe’s on screen presence.  This is the most animated and bubbly I’ve seen Williams.  If your into biopics and a fan of Monroe, I would recommend this.  But I’d say watch the actual beauty in the flesh in Some Like It Hot.

So that was my movie filled weekend. My goal this week is to get in Fast and Furious 6 and Silver Linings Playbook.  I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. What did you end up doing? Watch any movies?


Evil Dead…..Welcome back horror

7 Apr


Last night a group of us went to go see Evil Dead.  Being a fan from the original ones and following this new movie from conception I was hopeful that this would not only fit into the cult classic but bring back what horror movies should be….and I was not disappointed.

Fede Alverez, 1st time director takes on the cult classic Evil Dead.  The fact that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell gave them their blessings was the first in many of good things to come with this movie. They also brought in Diablo Cody (of Juno) to do some script polishing, and her sense of humor is really noted in here.  The humor was subtle but nicely done with being sick and twisted.  What was great with this script was that it had a really great plot, with a group of friends and family bringing Mia to detox from doing drugs to this cabin in the woods.  Which makes this more of a believable story since no one would really believe her at first on the strange things happening to her was actually happening because of paranormal activities and not just her detoxing and harming herself.

Removing anything we have been forced to see that is considered torture porn, and shows the likes of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and James Wan of how its done and brings us a smart movie with character we care for (as much as we can in a movie like this), bringing a 95% of practical effects (I’m pretty sure they have a labor camp right now going on to remake all the fake blood they drained Hollywood out of), having a brisk pace with tension from the beginning, and just shot beautifully.  Alverez also employed some good unknown actors, most notably Jane Levy who was fantastic.  For a female lead (in fact all of the others as well) she was not victimized, even if she was the victim. She actually kicked ass, she didn’t succumb to the evil, she said fuck you to it.  I really enjoyed her and hope she will be in the sequels (it was #1 at the box office with an early total of $25+ mil, the budget was $17 mil so there is no doubt it will doubt and make more by next weekend).

Alverez also remembers how much this is a cult classic, and gives us little nod/homage to the original movies.  The  most noticeable is the car, the chainsaw and the necklace that on the ground is shaped like a skull, and the tree scene (which was a lot more graphic then I was expecting).  And if you do go see this (which I HIGHLY recommend, it’s fantastic to see with a group of people) stay for after the credits for a groovy button of a surprise.

I’ll leave you with this fun fact of the movie. This movie is not a remake, it is actually a sequel.  Some might call this #4, if you want to get technical it could be #3, since Evil Dead 2 is kind of a remake of The Evil Dead. Either way, it’s a sequel. Which is a ballsy move since the original came out in 1981, Evil Dead 2 in 1987 and Army of Darkness in 1992.   The cabin could possibly be the same cabin used in the other ones, but definitely is set in the same world.

So when will the sequel be green lit?  Will Alverez come back?  Will we get a Mia and Ash mash up?  Time will tell. I think we’ll end up hearing sooner or later. But for now I’m happy with what was given to the fans.

Rating: 4.5/5 not a perfect movie, but it was damn near perfect for me.

Bonus picture of the day…things I love

2 Apr


Getting movies in the mail from Amazon under $10 blu ray specials

G. I Joe Retaliation…New American Heroes

30 Mar


Last night  I went to see the new G.I Joe Retaliation movie with The Rock and a brief cameo from Channing Tatum (aka Charming Potato).  I mainly went because I needed a fun movie and keep it light.  And I got just that.  While the first movie was purely comical, and not in the good sense, this one tried to make up for it.

G.I Joe was made with more of a sense of taking itself a bit more serious with a little bit a humor in it. They did this well, especially since they didn’t bring back Marlon Waynes.  The action was WAY better and a little more brutal.OMG NINJAS ON A MOUNTIAN, that’s all I’m saying. That scene alone is worth the admission.  The chemistry among the new Joes were better than the last (Bruce Willis being the original Joe was fantastic) and Adrianne Palicki was the kick ass chick that we needed in the last .

While the plot did have a lot of gaping holes it was pretty standard, get the president save the world, I didn’t find it in the least distracting.  This movie definitely  brought out my inner kid. Which Hasbro made sure that definitely happened to remind us who is behind G.I Joe, it was plastered twice on the opening credits. The one gripe I did have since the companies are connected with Transformers they did have a lot of the transforming sounds.  That was my one and only beef.  The other small gripe, not enough COOOBRRRAAA COMMMAAANNNDDER! His voice was changed for this movie, and it worked so much better.

I really recommend this movie if you want to see some flying mountain climbing ninja fights and The Rock blowing up with his guns and using actually guns too.  I really wouldn’t waste your money on the 3D.  Usually in the 2D movies you can tell what was purposefully used for 3D moments. While I didn’t see many, I did hear the 3D conversion didn’t do to much for the movie.  I’m not really sure if I could handle The Rock (and yes I know it should use his real name but he’ll forever be The Rock to me) in 3D.

Just NO Michael Bay Just NO

20 Mar


The above link is to Collider that gives the plot detail of Transformers 4. I remember not to far after Transformer 3 Bay saying that if he came back for a 4th movie (and at that time he said he wasn’t so this was a hypathetical) he would elminate that humans from the story and that it was purely going to be about the Transformers.

Ok that’s cool, I can dig that. I’d actually prefer to see a movie with out someone yelling “BUMBLEBEE” every 5 minutes, and an opening ass shot of the hot chick he has washing his car of this moment. This got me hype especially after the train wreck of Transformer 2.

Now Bay is back, for 4, and he brought MORE HUMANS and Mark Walhberg as the main lead. And if there is any possiblity that he becomes a scientist (which I doubt it, but it is Bay) I will become a big green rage monster. This is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I’m already not happy with his take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and bringing Megan Fox back for April.

That’s my rant. What do you all think?

The not powerful and definately not so great Oz

10 Mar


I honestly got excited when I saw the first reviews come trickling in for the Great and Power Oz.  All be it that I have never been a HUGE fan of Wizard of Oz, but I will give props where props are due.  Wizard of Oz was something spectacular if its time, it had heart, it had wonderment, it had adventure, a bad guy, personal turmoil, I can go on and on.  Heck I even liked Return to Oz, as creepy as it was, but it was like Wizard of Oz, but with some horror element and a steam punk style.  The Great and Powerful Oz, nothing, I have no feeling on it. I can’t tell you if I liked it or if I hated it.

So let me start with some positive things out there. There was some very beautiful shots.  It was bright and I did really feel transformed into another world.  Zach Braff was great as the monkey side kick, he was a nice comic relief and had some emotional factor to it.  Finally Michelle Williams, it wasn’t till we got to her Glinda that I felt like we had someone who was acting appropriately. She was a breath of fresh air and truly fit the part of her character.

Now to the other stuff.  Even thou I thought some parts were just shot beautiful, there was some really really rough shots.  The green screen was very obvious to the point I was screaming in my head “come on guys did you use your budget on the baboons?”.  I have respect for the CGI fx guys, but you have a budget and you give me obvious green screen, no sir I feel duped.  Then there were the costumes, one word, cheap.  There were no over sparkle dresses, it was all shabby and cheap, no chic.  Then there was the lack of air.  I mean literal air. There was no sense of movement except when the witches were at a standstill and their dresses moved…whhaaaaaa? Yes just as perplexed still about this.

Next to the two biggest problems, first the pacing.  When it was slow it was at a snails pace, then I think in the editing room when they saw this, they though ‘oh shit, we got to do something exciting’ and then cut to abruptness.  It was like: Suddenly something happens….and then stop lets slow it down…..quick cut something happens….and slow it down.  Because of this, there was no climatic parts.  And finally the acting.  OH. MY. GOD. The acting.  Again with the exception of Michelle Williams the acting was atrocious.  Mila Kunis and Rachael Weisz were terrible, and they both can give and have given some decent performances.  Kunis as just so angry even thou she was told she wasn’t suppose to have no emotion and was not menacing at all, and Weisz well it was just sad, to the point it was kind of funny of how hard she was trying to make her part into something. And finally James Frano, oh my little art house monkey.  I felt like he was phoning it in the most and collecting a pay check.  For a role that Robert Downey Jr. was suppose to have he could have at least attempted some type of acting. Instead we got a cheap, fake and phoney Franco who probably needed his one movie of the year to stay in the main stream so he can keep making his art house things.

There is one thing I will leave you with that I took away from this movie.  It was the message.  If it is to the good of the people it is ok to lie to give them the illusion that ever thing will be fine.  Remember kids lying is ok, so you can sleep well at night even thou the bad person is coming for you.

One point for the guys…yes romance movies make us delusional

10 Mar


I’m sitting here this morning watching The Backup Plan  (which is mildly entertaining, and it was that or Sex and the City on E! which since it’s edited it isn’t so exciting) and a thought came to me and why romance movies sell to us.  Ladies, and please if you can prove me wrong, when has anything in a romance movie happened to you?  I have never had a big romantic gesture.  The closest I’ve came to was when I mentioned to my boyfriend on how I love him in a beard, so in the  peak of summer he had grown a full on beard (he’ll never say he did it for me exactly, but the timing people, the timing!).  I’ve never had these grand elaborated romantic first date dinners, or romantic get aways and so on.

I will be the first to admit I’m not like most girls. While I wear make up and dresses, I love crass humor, curse like a sailor, infatuated with zombie, can rattle off what is going on in the UFC/MMA world and read comics all day long. Maybe that is why there is not a huge want of romanticism in me. But damn it I get pulled into the gimmick of these movies.  Sure one day I would love to walking into our apartment, and wonder why the lights are off and there is just a slight glow, and as I climb the stairs notice that the table is lit with candles, a bottle of wine is chilling  and this elaborate dinner planned sans the smoke alarm going off (that’s what happened Valentines Day when he tried to cook, it was 20 degrees outside, all the windows were open and the apartment was filled with smoke, but the dinner was still delicious, and I got a show with it since he was running around to contain it.  All in good humor people, it was very memorable and I laughed my ass off the whole time).  I digress thou.  So dinner, candles, wine, romance.  And he comes out in a suit and has flowers and blah blah blah.

I think this is why we watch this movies, so we can implant ourselves in them because we have either never experienced it or never will. I know this isn’t the biggest revelation, but sometimes someone has to give guys their props when they call us delusional for wanting or expecting a little bit of this in our own lives.  Yes you’re right, you’re right, you’re right.  But we ladies won’t stop.  We’ll buy into romance movies like they are the last piece of chocolate in the world while we’re mid-cycle, we become rabid.  Just so we can feed into our fantasies.

And we won’t stop. We’ll just keep going to them.  We’ll call our girlfriends to go see one, and then bitch and complain when the last time our boyfriend or husbands did something for us remotely close.  The cycle will perpetuation over and over again.  I had to stop going to see these type of movies (especially when I was single)  or I would make myself crazy.  So I resort to watching them on tv, so there is some type of delay on having to watch them.  That’s the catch, I’ll never stop watching them.  It’ll never stop. And so slowly I’m coming more delusional with every one watched and want waiting for that grand gesture, that will only happen when I fantasize and get lost in the romance of that movie.

Iron Man 3 Trailer…take all my money

5 Mar

Yup and I’m making it rain dollar, dollar bills ya’ll.  I’m excited for a few movies that come out this year. Evil Dead is probably the big one for me, as well as Pacific Rim.  I’ve given up the big Oscar movies. They just don’t move me like they use too.  For the most part there are going to be a lot of disappointment movies for me (World War Z, I’m looking at you).

But enough of that.  Iron Man 3.  Shane Black at the helm. Sign me up.  A lot of people are having reservations about this movie calling it a potential Spiderman 3.  I don’t see it.  I don’t see it having a potential of having to many villains, and my superhero turning into a guyliner wearing emo dancing dude.  This movie is going to be dark and we are going to find Tony being pushed to the bottom. A bit of a rehash from movie one, but I get it.  I am hoping they are going to play on a big political theme like they are with Captain America’s political thriller vibe.  Not sure where Thanos is going to fit in all this, but I really don’t care.  Two more things I’m excited about:  the whole extremist story line and the Hulkbuster.  Hello!  Hell yes!


The Oscar Might have went to Tarantino but I’m not so sure I totally agree with other things

1 Mar


Let me first say that I’m a Tarantino fan. Inglorious Bastards was like nothing else I’ve seen, it was pretty damn near perfectly amazing for me. In some respects, since he wants to retire, that was the movie he should have went out with.

That being said, I agree with the Academy with the win for Chritophe Waltz (I kind of wish that Leo had a nomination, this was his role, in fact I wish he would be an evil man in more things). I do agree that Django Unchained was very orginal. I’m glad to see him win for it. BUT For me I just didn’t car for the movie. Something was missing from this movie, I felt that there was a lack of Tarantino in it. There was some feeling lacked that Inglorious Bastards had that it didn’t. I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe because his script doctor is not longer with him? The editing was just bad for me. And what was with the two endings? That extra 30 minutes killed the whole movie for me. And my biggest gripe is he underuse for some of the actors.

Kerry Washington is a breath of fresh air, but this was one of the worseless females he has writen. Usually there is some type of strenth in his women. For me she wasn’t worth saving. And Jamie Fox. This man was brilliant in Ray. Where did that acting go? When you lack a lot of lines there has to be some damn strong emotion that you give up. And that was nowhere to be found. He was very lifeless and didn’t feel like a hero at all.

The only two saving graces for me was Tarantino’s muse from Waltz, whom you can’t go wrong with when you cast him. And Leo DiCaprio. It wasn’t till the those two together even brought some life and tension to the movie.

It makes me sad, I really wanted to love this movie. Instead I was counting down the time to when it was over (twice) and wanting to watch Inglorious Bastards again to wash the bad sight from my head.

Hopefully he’ll get it right with the next reveng flick. If not, maybe retirement would be a good idea.

Our Very Awkward Interview with Jon Lucas, Writer and Director of “21 and Over”

1 Mar


Akward is to say the least.  I love Dustin and his honesty.  Here is to hoping this director has realized what he was getting at.

Follow the link to one of the best sites, and personal favorite, Pajiba:

Our Very Awkward Interview with Jon Lucas, Writer and Director of “21 and Over”.


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