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YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm

4 Feb


Happy Thursday! Just one more day till the weekend starts and it’s going to be much needed.  I wanted to share with you my one big splurges I did at Christmas. I had a few Sephora gift cards and had been wanting to purchas a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.  I decided to get a Glossy Balm since I couldn’t get to store to test out the other colors they had.  I bought Mouthwatering Berry, which I thought would be a great inbetween color that wasn’t to pink or way to dark.


It’s kind of crazy how differen the color looks with and with out the flash.  I will say that flas does give more of it’s true color.


As you can see by the swatch without the flash, it is definately sheer. With the flash you can indeed see the glossy part. So the name of the lipstick does not give you a false advertisement (which bugs me when it does!)


So my verdict here, I really like the glossiness of the lipstick, it’s nice and smooth.  You do have to give it a few go arounds on the lip to get it a good consistancy, as you can see it does show the lines in your lips if you don’t exfoliate (mine were chapped that day).  At least from far away you don’t really notice it.   What I dislike about it:  The price $34 (yes this was a HUGE SPLURGE) and the scent. It’s got a weird plastic grapefruit smell. It doesn’t linger but when you open it up you can get a wiff of it.

Would I buy another again? No, just for the price alone and I can purchase Revlon Satin line for 3/4 the price.  At least I can say I have a YSL lipstick. I’ll be using the hell out of it to get my money’s worth.

Advice:  Unless you have a disposable income or gift cards, skip it.  Go with someting from Urban Decay, they have a Naked Lip Gloss line now and a girl friend of mine already purchased two and said they are amazing and hydrating. When I get paid I’m going to get some!

But if your insterested click here to go to Sephora and see the other colors they have in this line

So have you all purchased any YSL? Or a splurge like this?


Rite Aid Haul

5 Jan


Happy Sunday. I hope every is all snuggled in and warm. We are waiting for a cold snap here in VA.

So yesterday I had some time to kill and went into Rite Aid and hit a sale. Well all but the Aveeno was on sale. I think all in all I spent $20 before taxes.

Aveeno Postively Radient Daily Cleansing Pad

This was a last minute grab. It said it had an exfoliant side. I was curious so I decided I would give it a try. I believe it cost $8.


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I have used this product before and love that I can have a cool design on my nails that I didnt have to do myself. A select few were on sale for 75% off and only had to pay $2. Im going to keep this one on hand to use for Valentines day since its a cute pink style.



Loreal Undying Ember Lipstick

There were a selct few of lipsticks on their way out. I picked up two darker neutrals for me. Or what I consider neutrals. This was 50% off and ended up being $4.

This is a bit redder than what it really is. But its a smooth formula and I cant wait to use it.



Intensely Mauve

This is the next color is something I wouldnt get since I tend to not like mauves. I am more of a bold girl but since it was on sale why the heck not



Wet and Wild Mega Shield Lip Color

The next sale was on Wet and Wild it was buy one get one half off. They only cost $2.99 any ways. I picked up Its a Girl and Pink Slip. I went with some cute everyday pink colors. When I put the sample swatches on my hand it went on as silky smooth.


That was my haul. I love hitting sales like that. I will be doing reviews on them soon!

Mox Botanical Lip Butter

8 Dec

moxbotanicals_lipbutter_pomegranatefig_exclusive_900x900Happy Sunday!  It’s a cold and rainy one in VA, we missed out on the ice and snow, so we lucked out. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy day just as I am!

First let me apologize for the lack of a real picture. I have this as my desk lip butter at work and am missing it pretty bad today.  So this picture is courtesy of the Birchbox site where I purchased it.  I bought this in my November purchase (going 8 days and strong with not buying me anything awesome).

I’m becoming a big fan of lip butters.  I already have one from Korres which I am addicted to and only keep it at home so I won’t lose it.  So I needed to purchase one that I could keep at my desk at work.  When I opened up the product I didn’t think I was going to like it since it’s not at soft as my Korres.  This one is a bit of a harder product, but once you swirl your finger around it it melts nicely, but not to much to where it becomes messy.

I purchased the Pomegranate and Fig which is an exclusive to Birchbox, it has a light sweet scent but no taste to it.  You don’t need to slather much because a little goes a long way with this one.  It’s light and thin, doesn’t get goopy and lays on your lips nicely to give you a soft and smooth feel.  Also as a bonus the pot is made from MIRON glass, which is a violet glass that is on the thick side (you would never know it’s glass) which protects it from the light and extends the shelf life of your product.  If you want to learn a bit more about it go to the MIRON site here and check it out.

Mox also come in Coconut Almondine and retails for $16, if your interested check it out here at Birchbox.  They also make some bath products, a candle and perfume. I can’t say how fantastic this product is, but this one was splurge for me so I could get some free stuff on the site.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

4 Dec


Happy Hump Day!  Last night I did a little review on the Urban Decay B6 spray, this was the companion spray I got in my my 500 point gift.

wpid-20131113_194433.jpgBest 500 points ever.  So this was another one I was skeptical on, I never really thought these would do the job.  I quickly learned to not judge Urban Decay.  Again, this one didn’t disappoint.  I tested this one twice.  The first time I used it I had some light natural make up on, and noticed that it looked fresh by the end of the evening. What was even more impressive was that the next day, I used heavier brighter makeup, and there was not smudges or basic wear to my face.  I am instantly in love.  It has helped made a difference in my face.  I’m not sure because it locks in all the product, including the moisturizer that my face is softer.

To use you make sure you spray a few inches away from your face, once in an X motion, and once in a T motion.  It has a slight scent, but nothing major, it goes away instantly.  You can purchase this on Sephora in a 1 oz for $14 or a 4 oz for $29.  I personally think if your not going to use this every day, and you use very little the 1 oz would be great.I know after Christmas I’ll be purchasing a bottle of this with the B6.

Here is a description on Sephoras site:

What it is:
A weightless setting spray that keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours.

What it does:
Is makeup meltdown ruining your midnight mojo? Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. Developed in an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, this groundbreaking, clinically tested formula is suitable for all skin types and features patented Temperature Control Technology. It actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer in place—even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. The result? Smoother-looking skin and vibrant makeup that lasts all day (or night) without melting, cracking, fading, or settling into fine lines.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Unlike similar products on the market that feel sticky or tight on your skin, the sprayer delivers a microfine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it—and once you’ve applied it, you won’t even know it’s there.

Research results:
In a 7-day clinical study of All Nighter:
– 78% of participants said All Nighter helped their makeup last for 16 hours
– Over 80% said their makeup not only looked better, it stayed on better (even in the T-zone) without settling into fine lines
– Whether they had combination, oily, or dry skin, 88% or more said All Nighter was the best product to help their makeup last

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray

3 Dec


I’m baaaaacccckkkk!  It took a few days with tinkering with our router but I’m finally back up (thank you boyfriend!)  I’ve been wanting to write a review on this amazing Urban Decay product.  I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay and I don’t think there is a product that I haven’t like from them.  I’m really enjoying that they are doing some vegan products in their line ( I think vegan friendly makeup tends to have some great pigmentation)

Early in November I used my 500 points I saved up from Sephora and picked out an Urban Decay prize.  It contained an eyeshadow, primer, all nighter setting spray and the b6 vitamin-infused complexion prep spray.  I’ve always been curious on this product, but never could bring myself to pay $33 on it.  A few days of using this and I kicked myself in the rear for not purchasing it.

The instructions say that you do a few spritz on your face before you start your makeup process.  My usual routine now is to do 3-4 spritz, then put my vitamin e moisturizer, foundation, then the rest of the makeup.  This added spray to my moisturizer has make my skin so soft and keep it moisturize all day long. It also takes away what little red spots I might have. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT….A LOT!

If your interest this is the link to it at Sephora

To give you more of an idea on the product this is what Sephora has to say on it


What it is:
A soothing prep spray that features the first stabilized form of vitamin B6, which absorbs oil, minimizes pores, and reduces redness.

What it does:
Spritz on this soothing spray any time of day to hydrate, prep, and soften your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Use it in the morning to prep and wake up your skin, during the day to refresh your skin (without messing up your makeup), or at night before your treatment. Versatile enough for people of all ages and skin types, this energizing formula is great for your skin and it feels amazing.

[picture taken from Sephora]
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This oil- and paraben-free spray comes in a sleek, soft-touch bottle that emits a calibrated, microfine mist. It goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it. Vitamin B6 normalizes overactive cell-signaling proteins (called cytokines) to help control sebum production, vitamin E provides antioxidants, and willow bark (rich in natural salicylic acid) aids cell turnover.

Research results:
In a clinical study, after 8 weeks of use:
-Over 81% of participants had a measurable reduction in oil and surface shine.
-Over 78% had more radiant skin with less redness and fewer blemishes.
-A majority of participants had a measurable improvement in pore size.
-Over 72% had a measurable improvement in their skin’s overall appearance.


Starlooks Amethyst Gem Eyeliner

27 Nov


Happy Wed! Im about 5 hours away then Im off for work for awhile. Thank goodness for a midweek break! While I am waiting for my computer to stop being slow I wanted to tell you a bit about this eyeliner.

Yesterday I was all purpled up and decided to use this eyeliner. I thought it to be all pretty and sparkle light. You can see a bit of the shine in the picture.


I just loved the way it looked on. I did my usual eye primer and then put on the liner. I wanted it to be the feature so I didnt put on any eyeshadow. But I was disappointed. It lasted maybe and hour or two and it totally faded by the end of the day.

So if you recived this in your November Ipsy bag, carry this with you because you will need to reapply several times during the day. And this is very unusual for this name.

MOTD: Purple Power

25 Nov


Hey there. Im back at it again with some of my Kat Von D Palette love. Todays colors I went purple people eater and used Arcadia (new to her line) and Wonderland.


Instead of layering the dark on top or in the corner of my eye, I decided to put wonderland on the bottom and then arcadia on the top. And the result was a lovely shimmery purple.



Kat Von D did come out with a new small palette that comes with some lipstick. Sephora is carrying it right now. The pallete Imnusing now hasnt came back in stock.

NYX Butter Gloss

24 Nov


So I was at Target yesterday for some necessities and groceries and bought myself a little treat. Since I have been buying bold lip colors lately I wanted to get something softer. I picked up NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie. And I aboslutly love it.


The name tells you everything you need to know. Its so soft and so smooth. It doesnt really have a scent to it. And its just enough color to be a noticable neautral.


I wore this lip color today because I decided to wear a bold eye. More on the eyeshadow colors, I used another duo from my Kat Von D Palette.

Sephora Black Friday Deals

23 Nov


Sephora just put up on their pinterest their amazing $10 Black Friday only deals. I’ll be definitely staying up till midnight to bag some of these items. Click here to see the full list of deals on pinterest

The biggest deal I see is their 12 oz Purity Made simple.  $10 I’m sure it will see out quickly. There is also a lot of Stila and Tarte deals.  What are you most excited for?

EOTD: Something Wicked This Way Comes

23 Nov


So I started digging into my Kat Von D Spell Binding Palette yesterday. I was feeling a bit wicked that morning and decided to go green, my favorite color in there.


I decided to use birdcage and gunner.  I love the look of these colors, green is one of my favorite eyeshadow colors, and it goes nicely with my red hair right now.  Birdcage is a bright yellow green and gunner is a dark forest green with glitter in it. What is nice about the glitter is that I didn’t look like a disco ball by the end of the day.  My eye primer helped keep it in place, but I didn’t really see any come lose on my face.

wpid-20131122_064325.jpgHere’s a better look with out the plastic cover

wpid-20131122_064147.jpgThis was taken with a flash inside wpid-20131122_065408.jpgA bit of a better look with natural light

wpid-20131122_065316.jpgMy over all look of the day (I hate car pics buy my lighting inside sucks lol)

So far I’m really loving the color saturation on this palette.  I’ll keep updating with new looks to show you all the versatility I’m getting from it!

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