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13 Oct


I thought it would be fun to do a little get to know this blogger.  I feel like sometimes we write about one thing so much that it only shows on part of our personalities.  I know I do a lot of beauty stuff, but my blogs name is a Little Bit of Girly Geekery.  That title does say a lot about me, but I rarely show it.  I do show a bit more of it over at my other blog The Movie Maven, there I show my passion about movies, movie news, share movie short films and also geek chic fashion. I didn’t want to combine the two since beauty and movies don’t always go hand in hand.  Blogging is fun but I don’t think we get a lot out of WordPress to get to know each other more and bond and make new acquaintances or even close friends. So with that, here is a bit more about myself!

1. I use to be an Art Historian Major but then ended up teaching Middle School Math

Yes I know it’s weird, usually you either use your right or left side of the brain.  I fell in love with Art History but the area I am in I would have to move, and couldn’t at the time, so I had to switch to something more feasible and that was math. I like figuring out problems and did a brief stint in teaching middle school algebra.  What is great is that math is used in a lot of art. A little something called the Golden Rule (In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to their maximum. It always equal 1.618)  I continued learning on my own with art and found that many of early works use this rule.  You be amazed if you googled this.


2. I’m a book hoarder

beautiful mind 004

All my shelves are packed, we have 4 book shelves in our place and between my book obsession and my boyfriends it is over flowing.  The sad part is that I’m a book hoarder on my kindle.  I currently have over 100 books to read and I keep buying daily, but I also get a lot of them free.  I’ve been a reader since, well  I think I was reading before I entered Kindergarten. I have a terrible taste for either zombie or smut books (stuff like 50 Shades of Grey on that line).  At least I’m still reading!

3. I own tons of retro comic t-shirts

indexI’m currently wearing something like this. Half of my closet, right next to my large collection of dresses and high heels on a shoe rack, is all my comic book t-shirts.  I also have some Disney Princess shirts, Rainbow Brite, and tons of retro concert shirts.

4. My favorite music is Ska and Punk


Some of my favorite artist is Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Suburban Legands, Dropkick Murphy, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Operation Ivy. I might be 32, but I will always rock out to this music and go to concerts.  I just am not a pit hospitality person anymore

5. I have a softer side, I love period pieces 


I love Jane Austen and everything about that time.  I love all the movies that are adapted from her, and Charlotte Bronte.  I think it has to do with all the romanticism.  And who doesn’t love head strong women and the clothing.  Also Mr. Darcy, who doesn’t love him?


6. When I have an obsession I have to have those things right now but I procrastinate doing/using them


That’s pretty self explanatory.  I’ll want to decorate and buy all the times and they will sit in a bag for a week before I do anything about it. Same with clothes, makeup….so on so on.  I think once I get obsessed and I get my hands on something the thrill and excitement is curbed.

7. I am ninja level in sarcasm 


If you get to know me well then you’ll learn that everything I say to you is dripping with sarcasm.  It’s just my nature, it’s how I joke. I always have a snarky comment to make, but it doesn’t mean I’m insulting. It’s really me showing you I like you, honestly<————–no sarcasm there

8. In a previous life  I must have been a buyer


I say this because it sounds better than ” Hi, I’m Jenn, I buy to much stuff because I can”. And yes I have justified purchases with, it was on sale.  I save money, but I have a hard time not buying something. I literally have to go online some days and load up a cart just to satisfy my need to shop.  I don’t buy, but this is what I do on occasions. I feel sad about this now about myself.  Maybe I’ll buy myself something to feel better….wait, what??

9. I like to take fancy nature pictures

By no means am I photographer, but I like to think I take some nice nature pictures.  I do this for my own pleasure.

Myrtle Beach 2013 045 Myrtle Beach 2013 078 Myrtle Beach 2013 165 norfold 092 norfold 179

So that’s a little about me, one more tid bit, I ended at 9 because I’m odd and didn’t want to do a 10 things about me 😛  If you want to get to know about me, feel like you like to talk more than we can on here, or just want someone new to chit chat with you can find me on Facebook here .

2 Responses to “Get To Know This Blogger”

  1. dragonfly October 13, 2013 at 2:31 am #

    I like this post. I also like t shirts similar to the ones you describe. I also like some of the same music.

    • Jenn October 13, 2013 at 2:33 am #

      Nice! Thanks!

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