Fine Hair Problems.

15 Sep


I really wish I was born with a crazy head of hair so I can fluff it out like the girl in the picture above.  Unfortunately I was graced with very baby fine hair that will always been the bane of my existence.  Sure I was very blessed in other features, but something about fine hair is a big hassle. Firstly, you run into the problem of the constant scalp exposure (and sun burn if you don’t wear a hat or use the proper sunscreen spray) which can make you look like your also balding when your not.  Then you have to make sure you always fix it in some way or it ends up laying flat and with no life to it.  Lastly you can’t go super long with it since it the ends will look like you stuck your finger in a socket and you just look crazy.

vintage_cartoon_woman_pulling_her_hair_out_royalty_free_clipart_picture_091211-150272-847042-scaled530What I feel like most of the time with my hair

pepnpeach 015An example of how a part can show how fine my hair is.

About 6 years ago I finally found the important thing a girl can have:  a proper hair stylist who knows how to work with fine hair.  She showed me the way of how I can turn my limp locks into something that resembles volume. The best part:  Little to no work involved on my end!!!  As someone who gets up at 6am for work this was an amazing step.  To this day  I have stuck with my lovely stylist and have continued to experiment with color and styling to make sure my locks are lushes at all time.  She even let me go a natural shampoo route since it’s done amazing things for my hair!

So if you have this problem as well as I do, here are a few styling products that I use to help make it luscious:


Chagrin Valley Soaps: Coconut Milk Natural Shampoo Bar

I found a mom and pop all natural store that ships from Ohio.  They have the most amazing products.  Mainly for this shampoo.  It was weird to use a shampoo bar at first but I really love it better then liquid shampoo.  It also is easier to take with you on a trip and takes us less space in the shower, and is vegan free.  The site description says that it gives silkiness, softness and shine to your hair and helps with frizzies.  Which is all true.  My hair instantly became so much healthier that it added volume and grew faster.

You can purchase a 1.5 oz sample bar for $2.50 and it will last over a month, for ever day use. Make sure that it won’t be in the line of the shower spray because it will make it melt faster. A whole bar 7 oz is $7.75 and last a good 6 months. I cut mine and half and after 3 months I’m about to use the other one.


Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse

I rarely use any other hair product other than some hairspray.  A couple years ago I started using this product from Redken and it is fabulous! It goes beyond a root booster and boost your whole hair up and and doesn’t leave it crispy and straw like when it dries. You just apply a small dime amount of the solid mousse to damp hair and blow dry out.  A round brush is the best to give extra volume.  I think it was about $12 when I purchased it and it’s last for a few years now, since I don’t use it a lot.

indexBig Head Hard Head Hairspray

This is perhaps the best hairspray I have ever used.  My hair is never straw and brittle like some can do. All I have to do is spray a bit on the roots and a few sprays underneath and wow the volume! In fact I recommend this hairspray for all types of hair if you wan that extra volume. You can find this at most retailers now like Target and Walmart for around $12.  Every once and awhile you can find a double pack at JCPennys or Hair Cuttery for really cheap. I don’t use this every day so this last me a few months.

As you can see I don’t use a lot for my hair.  It’s all about keeping it healthy and not doing a lot of damage (even thou I color my hair a lot, but oddly the chemicals in that make it fuller) and frying your hair with a lot of products.  Remember love and nourish your hair like you do your body and it will love you back by looking fabulous!

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