Renewed Inspiration and Invigoration For Everything

26 Aug


I’m going to step out of the box of beauty right now, but only slightly.  This is about the noncosmetic type of beauty, but the beauty of who we are and the things around us. A think piece if you will.  I am writing this because I’ve been in a funk lately.  If you noticed my post come in between long hauls.  It’s been a stressful month with my job, and changes are  hard, but the changes are not going as smoothly as they should and it just makes it stressful all around. With this fun I’ve become lethargic, more cynical that usual and just plain lazy with all things.  I can’t say I am at full depression (I’ve been there and done that and this is nothing in that category), just kind of life’s multiple road bumps that are getting in the way.


do-not-pray-for-an-easy-life-bruce-leeBruce Lee has some amazing insight to Life

2 A.M my boyfriend crawled into bed (he is such a late owl), waking me up.  We kind of laid their and bed and just talked for about an hour, We’ve been so wrapped up in everything between work, having his son part time with us (and me co-parenting which is difficult at time and an eye opening experience as well), and just generally feeling bad.  We just laid their and talked, and even thou we gripped about things, we decided to make a change in our lives that can slowly bring us back to how we were and felt about 5 years ago.  Our first year has passed with us living together and the honeymoon phase is over  and it’s time for changes.  Little changes to start out right but changes none the less. I guess that all goes when your suppose to be grown up and an adult.


I woke up this morning and felt invigorated after our talk and decided today was the day to start our turn around.  Our first turn around, eating healthier.  We’ve, or me mainly since I am the primary cooker in our home, have been lazy and short cuts have been made for dinner and lunches, and a lot of take out has been bought.  So this is our big change that will help us immensely in our over all health and well being.  The crap eating has turned us in to lazy monsters and gaining some unneeded weight.  Eating is the easiest and the hardest start for us but that is always the best step to feeling happier and better all around.


As for my personal struggles, I kn ow it makes me stronger.  So I am going to stop being some damn negative and try to find the beauty in everything.  I have to bring some inner beauty out, it’s just causing grey hairs (true story more so then usual and I’ve been greying since 16), and wrinkles that can’t with stand anti aging creams.

Thank you for letting me rant.  Sometimes you have to get it out and scream to the world to let things go and this is one of my moments!

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2 Responses to “Renewed Inspiration and Invigoration For Everything”

  1. Sam August 26, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    Aw, Jenn. I’m sorry things are so tough right now. It sounds like you have a plan to get back on track though. I like that last quote you put in. Admirable people are those who go through adversity and come out the other side stronger and yet still smiling.

    • Jenn August 26, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

      Thanks. Just stressful thats all. I guess a new job is in order. Ecen thou I like what I do. I might ride this out for a bit longer

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