11 Questions Tag: A Little Bit Of Everything

27 Jul


Alrighty Q&A time, so I’m going to work my brain right now to answer these. It’s been a good day today!  So I’ll try to answer them in the most entertaining way.

Samandro, whom you all need to check out her blog she is fantastic, tagged me so I will now entertain her and you!\

1. What got you interested in makeup?


The picture above says it all.  What I love about makeup is all the different creative artistic ways you can use it and put it on.  Now when I first started wearing it, goodness I looked liked I painted that stuff on from aisle 5 of Walmart paint aisle. At the time I couldn’t express myself with tattoo’s (which I’m wearing some of my own art on me) so I took up learning with makeup. I’ve since gotten better at it, and I am very adventurous in what I try.  I might be almost 33 but I still love my bright bold color combinations.  I’ll probably be 80 and still wearing it like that.

2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


Sushi! Cats not included.  I love sushi with all the variations that are out there. In fact Friday night right up the street from us, our sushi fusion restaurant/martini bar is having a toga night with the other local restaurants.  We’re going to start the night out celebrating our jobs being safe (yah!!) and the fact we’re kid free that night, and stuff our face with sushi and then go to the other places and try out their special drinks. Then turn in around 8, since we’re old and so relaxed with out kids, we need to turn in early.  Happy enjoying your 30s!

3. What is your favorite book or TV show?

fielding 333 images

Well I’m not going to conform to one answers, I’m a rebel like that!  For the books I’m torn between Bridget Jones and Wicked. I’ve read each one about 3 times.  I kind of relate to Bridget because she is kind of neurotic, dumbly and chubby.  I have bagged my Mr Darcy. TV Shows, I love LOVE Hannibal. It’s one of the few I do watch.  Mads Mikkelson is perfect and creepy and somewhat good lucky.

4. What beauty habit do you just not understand?


I hate the whole dark eyeshadow and dark lips together look.  I don’t understand why people think that if you go dramatic, especially for the evening look you have to go on full clown mode.  People you need balance. If your doing dark smokey eyes do a nude lip or a very light shimmery pink.  If your doing dark lips do a neutral eye.

5. What’s your favorite nail polish brand?


O.P.I.  They are usually the brand that is at the fore front of all the new trends. They have the best formula as well, and the quality and spectrum of colors are amazing.

6. What’s your favorite part about being a blogger?


I’m amazed I am still with this. I have a habit of getting bored with things that take up my lazy time but I really enjoy blogging.  My favorite part, is the interaction.  I like getting to know people and how they view my blogs and the idea of turning someone on to a new product or giving them a laugh.  It’s exciting, I started this as something to do in my spare time, including my second blog, and it’s quickly turned into me possible/more than likely writing for a website as their new film reviewer.  I’m nervous and excited.

7. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?


Morning, it just depends. Mon-Fri when I wake up at the lovely 6 am I usually groan and curse the morning to the bathroom to shower right away.  Saturday mornings I get up with the little one and feed him. Sundays I get up early and go lay on the couch and watch terrible Lifetime movies.  I’m not very exciting.

8. If you could only wear either jewelry or lipstick for the rest of your life which would you choose?


I have to go with jewelry.  I’ve spent years finding one of a kind pieces that I could live with out lipstick, which I rarely wear anyways.  There is nothing like the feeling you get when you get a new sparkly!

9. Who’s your top celebrity crush?

images images11 michael_fassbender_gq300

Michael Fassbender. All. Day. Long.  Not only is he gorgeous, killer eyes and wow that smile, but he is an amazing actor.  He is my #1 hallpass, and if I ever meet him, I’m sure I’ll embarrass myself.

10. You’ve just become queen of the world, what’s the first issue you tackle?

Jobs for everyone.  Only because this hits home.  Luckily my job was extended for a year with no pay cut which is unheard of. And yes I teared up a bit in the meeting when they said that. Happiest moment I’ve had in awhile

11. What’s one thing people wouldn’t realize about you at first glance?


I’m not a bitch.  I’ve been told by people when they first met me that I had a bitch face on.  Really that’s just my serious face because I’m kind of guarded when I first meet you.  I guess I have bitch face lol


There you have it! It took 3 days to do this I’ve been kind of busy.  I hope you all jump in and answer some of these, I’d be curious how you will differ from mine and so I can get to know you too!


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