Beauty Blunders, Mistakes and Mishaps

24 Jun


I don’t judge, I’m the last person who judges. I do however enjoy people watching.  The other day I was out shopping and while walking down an isle a woman walked past me, and I really didn’t believe what I saw. This really was the first time I ever saw someone out in public whose lipstick was so smeared it was below her bottom lip and to the side and charcoal smudge eyeliner that seemed fresh.  I tried to think of various reason of why she would be out with that look.  I’m hoping she had a fabulous night and had to run to the store for some odd reason that early in the morning, and that’s the story I’m sticking too.

That made me think of myself, what kind of beauty blunders or mistakes have I ever made?

This is a fact about me:  I was born in 1980, and that decade has followed me.  I do have some sweaters that  I have the neck cut and falls over the shoulders.  I own two pairs of leg warms (I hate socks, but this works fab for the winter), my ponytails tend to lean to the side sometimes.  Heck I even rocked the 80’s for Halloween for my office Halloween Party.




The only thing I bought with that outfit is my bow headband.  Yes I do own those fingerless gloves.  And that dress, it’s a nightie, you would have never guessed it, but that shows you I tend to lean to the 80-esque look.  Luckily my makes choices rarely venture into the 80s, I do not own any of that pinkish silver lipstick that looks like bubble gum exploded on your lips or the horrible blue eyeshadow that I would maybe apply all the way up to my brow. I can say I have not and will not venture there.  I will how ever go a little crazy with the bright multilayered eyeshadow, which is coming back in small waves.  All that in itself would be a beauty mistake. I on the other hand think I can rock the look, even thou I get teased sometimes.

Now for my beauty mishap.  I hate waxing.  I will never get it or think about getting it ever again.  I use to get my eyebrows waxed with no problem on a regular basis.  So one day a few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to wax my legs since I usually hate shaving them and thought it would last in the long run.  I ran to Walgreens and bought Nairs new roll wax thinking it would be the better option then to heating up a large pot.  I did the whole not shave my legs for a few days, which was horrible especially since I’m part Lebanese.  Let me tell you I didn’t get to much farther then a four inch section of my leg waxed.  It was the most painful experience I have ever had.  Even with knowing when I was going to pull it still hurt like crazy.  I didn’t wax on a weird part either it was just my lower leg.  I decided that day I loved to shave, and shave I have till this very day.

Those are my beauty confessions.  Tell me some mistakes, and blunders you have.  Have you learned from them or still find yourself doing them? 

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