Memorial Day Mini Movie Marathon

27 May


Amongst all things that deals with beauty and make up my first passion is movies.  I love everything about them so much I get so invested in some that I follow them from conception, to the hiring of directors, writers, actors and composers for the score.  Watch the leaked story boards or any concept ideas.  I follow tweets, certain sites that get first hand insider scoops of what is going on.  Then to finally sit and watch the months that I have followed this movie growing up I finally get to see the finish product. I just love movies so much that it becomes a common conversation piece for me and my boyfriend.  And now I have a new work mate that loves movies just as I do and it excites me to no end.

So this weekend I had a 3 day as most of us did!  Saturday I pretty much stayed in my pjs with one of my killer migraines and while the boyfriend and his mini me (who bogarts the tv/blu ray) went out for a bit, so I got the whole place to myself.  Then yesterday we didn’t do to much so I continued the mini movie-a-thon into that evening.  Here is what I watched:


I bought this movie when I was on vacation and couldn’t wait to watch it.  When you give me Keira Knightly in a period drama I just throw all my monies at it.  While our area showed this in limited release I was unable to get to see it in person. Now I have not read this book, nor am I overly fond of the idea of wanting to read it. So please excuse the lack of knowledge of this story from me.  Firstly I want to say this movie had some of the most beautiful cinematography going on.  The color saturation was just so rich, and the costumes, well the costumes we just so lovely that there was no reason to think twice on why it won this years Oscar best costume.  I in particular liked how the filmed it, opening it up on a stage, and continued the theme throughout. I saw it as a metaphor as our lives we are all part of the stage and people are always watching us what we do.  Anna is married to a high official, falls in love with a man and has an affair with him, and unfolds a tragic love story of a woman coming undone with a forbidden love that really could never be.  It’s really tragic. It also had some spectacular acting.  I highly recommend it if you love this kind of story.


This Means War is a guilty pleasure of mine, so much I watched it twice in one day. The picture has 2 of my many guilty eye candy pleasures. While it’s not the best performance Reese Witherspoon has delivered, she did kind of phone it in (well except for the little romance parts, but who wouldn’t).  This movie has the usual trope of two guys meet a girl, both guys fall, both guys do everything in their power to get the girl and one comes out alive.  What gives this movie a bit of a twist is that they work for the CIA so how they acquire info and try to sabotage each other is kind of funny.  But what really skirts the movie by is the lovely bromance between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, they have great chemistry.  So ladies if you want to watch a rom-com with some nice eye candy, and Hardy gets to use is accent, then pop this one in.


While making my boyfriend endure repeat viewing #2 of This Means War which he did chuckle a few times, he actually sat down and watched The Five-Year Engagement with me.  We recorded this on a free movie weekend a few months back and since I was on a kick we decided to watch it to get it off our DVR.  This had a hell of a cast Jason Segel, Allison Brie, Emily Blunt and Chris Pratt. This is a Judd Apatow film (Knocked Up, This is 40) written by Segel and Nicholas Stoler (great writing team, I believe they co wrote the recent Muppets Movie).  While it had comedic hints to it, it really told the story of Tom (Segel) and Violet (Blunt) and their ups and downs of their engagement.  Tom is an up and coming Chef while Violet is waiting to hear from a Psyche department in the CA area, when they didn’t happen Michigan offered her a job and Tom turns down a head Chef gig to move with her so she can pursue her dreams. Unable to find a good upscale job he ends up making sandwiches.  She ends up becoming immersed in her work while he ends up hating his job and where he is head, which is really no where.  After years of becoming miserable they decided it was time to retry and get married, since Tom has all the time on his hands he gets all the wedding things in order, he finds out Violet and the head professor of the Psche department shared a drunken kiss, which she ends up telling Tom the night before their engagement party. What happens after that is a fall out between the two, Tom ends up leaving Violet and about a year of struggle of them being apart from each other and with other people they figure out what matters is the most is them being together.  I really enjoyed this movie, probably a tad more then most would since I saw a little of my current relationship in this.  If you truly love someone and you two are meant to be with each other, no matter how long, no matter what ups and downs, and things and people that rip you apart, if your meant to be with each other you will find each other again.  I recommend this one if your looking for a bit more serious rom-com.


My Weekend with Marilyn was on my list of past Oscar nominees/movies that I’ve been wanting to watch. This was also recorded on that free movie weekend.  I like Marilyn Monroe, she is a major icon for women.  While I’ve only seen Some Like It Hot, I’m not going out and watching all her movies. What I do enjoy is that this movie isn’t as story how she came about and go thru her life quickly in 2 hours and some change movie.  What I’m enjoying about movie lately that are biopics is that they are concentrating on certain times in their life that can give them more meat to the movie.  This takes place while Marilyn (now 30 and on her third marriage) is filming  The Prince and The Showgirl with Laurence Olivier.  She is trying to be seen as a serious actress but lacks confidence, which makes her a little hard to work with (plus her high demands and being constantly late doesn’t help).  A young man named Colin wants to work in the film industry and ends up being the third assistant director, which means he is a gofer, befriends her and helps her thru giving her confidence. They end up having an emotional affair that helps frame the movie.  Michelle Williams gives a great performance, a bit convincing at times. While I could not see anyone else playing, no one will ever be able to match Monroe’s on screen presence.  This is the most animated and bubbly I’ve seen Williams.  If your into biopics and a fan of Monroe, I would recommend this.  But I’d say watch the actual beauty in the flesh in Some Like It Hot.

So that was my movie filled weekend. My goal this week is to get in Fast and Furious 6 and Silver Linings Playbook.  I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. What did you end up doing? Watch any movies?


2 Responses to “Memorial Day Mini Movie Marathon”

  1. Kayla Sanchez May 27, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    If you have to pick between Fast and Furious and Silver Linings Playbook, I highly recommend SLP! I’ll be honest… I haven’t seen Fast and Furious, but Silver Linings is an incredible movie. Jennifer Lawrence really earned her Oscar in this one!

    • Jenn May 28, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

      That’s what I’m hearing. I bought SLP and it’s been sitting on my shelf in the wrapper. I know I won’t be disappointed and I love Jennifer Lawrence. So I can’t wait to watch it. Might be on this weekends list to watch.

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