Confessions of a Bad Bloggeer…The Full Story

24 May


What can I say? I’ve been really bad and not posted since I got back from vacation.  It’s been kind of down hill since I got back home.  All the rest and relaxation and being clear headed and calm all flew out the window at 1 am the day I was suppose to go back to work. Waking up on the edge of panic attack and extra tightness in my chest  I knew then I had some thinking to do about my job.

I’m a contractor and our contract has been renewed just by 2 months and then before we left by 3 months. This has been stressing me. Then on top of it I am a team lead and one of my team mates got a new new position and I ended up having to take on their work and also train someone new.  This happened about a month before I left.  That whole month of training was a waste because he ended up not being able to do the job and put me back 10 folds.  I thought I was finally catching up and then I went on vacation.  When I got back, and in a horrible mood that first day, came back to 300+ emails that I had to sort thru we had a new hire the week while I was away.  I had 2 days on my own to sort things thru and my work that I specifically asked my team mates to do was not fully completed which I wasn’t to happy about, but got over knowing they were both training and understood.  Then back to regular schedule and back to training.

I can juggle and mutlitask work very well.  It’s what I have to do in my job and I cannot be lazy, even an hour lazy sets me back 3 hours it’s just that kind of a job.  I enjoy it, but more and more was getting dumped on me. Especially since my supervisor had more and more dumped on her, which of course trickled down to me.  I finally had enough and had to speak up and say “I cannot do this anymore”. Which was really hard for me to too.  I saw it when I was bringing my bad attitude home.  I was cranky, didn’t want to cook or even talk about anything else but vent about work.  I was on edge, stressed, and slept more but not a restful sleep.  I always hate saying that I can’t do something.  At this point thou, it was my well being or I just quit which was coming a very good option the more I looked at it.

Last week things got weird at work.  My supervisor just upped and quit on morning.  It was a shock, I knew she was contemplating it, but I didn’t think it would be that quick. She was having the same feelings as me, as well as bringing it home.  She fortunately is more financially stable then me to do that.  The relief on her face was amazing and I knew then I had to seriously sit down with the other supervisors and say what I needed to happen.  Luckily my old team mate ended up becoming my supervisor and knew first hand the things that were being dumped on me.

Then yesterday presented an opportunity.   A position was opened in my section.  While I love what I’m doing I don’t love how things were piling up and being put on me.  The position that was opened would be way more lax and less stressful.  So today we came to an agreement to where I can keep what I’m doing but give up 70% of my work load to take on this new task, while still being team lead, and keeping my awesome cube space  (back in the corner where no one can see what is really going on if I actually get a few spare moments to myself).  I’m really excited about this new venture.  The new doors that I am hoping will open to me.  Now my only worry is when our contract is renewed (hopefully) that we won’t get such a bad pay cut so  I won’t have to get a second job to make ends meet to keep our apartment.  My next item on my list is to professionally get my resume done so I can get a more stable job.

So that is my rant. This in a nutshell is why I haven’t blogged.  I couldn’t enjoy going out and buying new makeup and review new polishes. Honestly, I have missed it.  I would still check in and see what my favorite bloggers were up to, since I missed your comments and our little exchanges that we would have.  It’s my promise to get back to it.  It will be a slow climb but I want to try to get back where I was.  Even if it’s a blog a during the week and one on the weekend.

I missed you my blog friends. I promise  I’ll be back. And thank you for the rant.

One Response to “Confessions of a Bad Bloggeer…The Full Story”

  1. Sam May 25, 2013 at 12:06 pm #

    Sorry you’ve been having such a hard time of it at work. Congratulations on your new opportunity though. There comes a point when we all must admit that we can’t handle the workload in front of us. Asking for help doesn’t make us weak though. 🙂

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