What’s In My Bag?

28 Apr


This is my bag, there might be many like it, but this is mine!  I got this idea from a great blogger that I follow (thanks Sam for the idea!).  So I took the challenge of showing you what’s in my bag. This is my Roxy rock star bag.  Every year when we go down to Myrtle Beach I buy a new Roxy purse at my favorite surf shop. This helps me eliminate my obsessions of buying purses and so I treat myself to a new one when I go down there. Roxy has become my go to bag line.  It’s made great, rarely shows wear (in fact this still looks brand new like when I bought it last year) and just is comfortable on the shoulder when you load stuff in it.  Next weekend we’ll be going down to MB and I’ve put some money aside to purchase a new bag!!  Excitement!!   So with out further wait here is what is in my bag usually at all times:


Coupons.  I always have some type of coupons. This week is my Khol’s rewards coupon that will be used with the $30 Khols cash I have.


Lip stuff:  Starting at the top left. This is all my favorite lip quenchers as I like to call them.  The first one I lost the ID on but I got it free and it’s a beach scent and it’s just lovely.  Car Max of course. Chop Saver, if you haven’t heard of it, is the go to chap stick for musicians.  It is all natural, made by a trumpet player, and it melts as soon as you put it on.  If your interested her is the link for Chop Saver.  Then I have Maybellines Baby Lip gloss in Grape and then my favorite soda of all time Cherry Pepsi lip gloss. Then I have my lip sticks from Buxom in Amsterdam which is a nice neutral color, Maybellines Color Wishper in Cherry Pop which is a great perfect cherry red that looks awesome on my pale skin, which is hard to find, finally Kat Von D in Rosary a deep wine color for something bold.  And then at the bottom I have my Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.


Wallet:  This is my Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Wallet. I’ve had this for a couple years now.  Iron Fist uses vegan free materials for their shoes and accessories.  I have a pair of heels and flats in this style, I’ve featured the flats in this post awhile ago. As you can see I have a bit of a zombie fetish.  Which I think I’ll have a post on that showing how a bit looney I’m over zombies.


Technical Stuff:  The blue is a light plug so I can charge up my Ipod on the road. The key is the emergency back up to my boyfriends car. I carry this just in case the other one if the battery dies in it or we some how oddly loses it.


My Vera Baglettes:  I know, they don’t go with my zombie wallet, but I love Vera Bradley’s accessories. I use to work for a Hallmark that sold Vera, and I was able to use my 30% discount on it.  The blue one houses my Ipod, cell phone and work ID badge and log in card.  The pink has all my gift cards in it and I uses it as wallet when I’m going out and don’t want to carry my purse. The green hold various pills, for upset stomach, nausea pills, and an array of other little ones that I like to carry so not only myself will have on hand, but people at work or when I’m out might need something random and I’ll have it.


And speaking of back up meds:  I have a bottle of Midol and Ibuprofen with me at all time. Benadryl stick since I’m always getting mosquito bites.  And my Sephora two sided Mirror, which is weird I put this in this pic.




A collection of random stuff left over:  Always have to have a smell good hand sanitizer especially when you have a 9 year old with you most of the time. Tide to go stain eraser, I drop food on me all the time. In fact even when I’m not eating, some how food gets on me, so I always carry something to prevent stains.  The my checkbook.  Orbit gum, always carry gum, peppermint is the best when you have an upset stomach it calms it down.  And lastly I never ever leave with out my Kindle.  I read so much it isn’t funny.  I just read 3 books this week.  I am constantly buying books and looking for free ones as well.  I do read a lot of romance books, but I do have some nonfiction and fiction when I’m in the mood for something else.

That’s it!  I had a lot of fun with this.  This week I’ll be gearing up for the beach. I hope I’ll have a few more post for you. I just redid my nails in some new shades from my Julep Box.  So I’ll show you that later. I’m going to Khols and Target later so who knows what I’ll be buying then!!!!

2 Responses to “What’s In My Bag?”

  1. Sam April 28, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Aw! I’m glad you did this. I love a good what’s in your bag post. Your wallet is so cute! I have one of the older Kindles, but I still love it. I love that I can lay on my side in bed and not have to keep turning over back and forth every time I get to the other page. lol. It’s also good on the elliptical so I am not trying to hold down the pages or keep the book from closing while also working out. 😛

  2. Jenn April 28, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    I was against a Kindle for the longest time. I’ve been a big reader since grade school and I loved the feel of books. But I agree with you. I wish I had the back lit one, but I still love mine. I can’t keep from buying books. I swear I have like 70 to read. A lot are the free ones I get weekly. But I can’t beat the prices that Amazon has!

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