I stopped at Target and of course I bought new goodies!

13 Apr


Thursday we went to Target, which I go once a week. I realky have to be sick if I dont go there. Even if Im broke I will be there. I digress. I had ran out of mascara and low in funds so I decided to try out Maybellines Rocket Volume masacara. And I am in LOVE! Since they discontuned years ago my favorit mascra Illegal Length have I found one I liked. It was only $7 l. Excuse the creepy up close open eye pic but I wanted to give you and idea the length I got and I didnt use an eyelash curler.



Next from then again is their Color Whisper in Coral Imitation. Which I really like but I still want to find. Color with more punch. But I love ghe quality of this lipstick. It goes on like a gloss amd feels light and silky. Thou the color is barely there. I am going to go back and get a darker color. But I will wear this again. I think it will pop more when I get a tan here (going to the beach for a week in 3 weeks and counting!!)






Looks totally different with amd without the flash. And it lasted a few hours and never got sticky. I think it ram around $6.

Over all look


Happy Saturday and stay beautiful my beauties!

3 Responses to “I stopped at Target and of course I bought new goodies!”

  1. Sam April 13, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    I seriously cannot even go in Target anymore or if I do, I have to accept that I am going to be spending like $50 before I even walk in. If the cute clothes and makeup wasn’t enough, then it’s their new random section where they have all these random desk supplies like solar powered flowers that dance or coasters that when stacked together make a hamburger. Seriously, Target. Are you trying to force me into poverty?

    • Jenn April 14, 2013 at 12:00 am #

      Im with you! Thats why I only go one a week. Before I moved I would pass Target on the way home and it was hard not to stop a few times. Their end caps kill me. I rummage thru it. And if you go on the makeup aisles you can find some red ticketed items if you really look. I get in trouble with the movie section. $5 blurays are my kryptonite. And the purses. I just bought a hipster purse that is black with white polka dots. Unfortunately Im going tommorrow for just socks. Just socks I say!!!!

    • Jenn April 14, 2013 at 12:00 am #

      Oh and I need those coasters you speak of. Socks and coasters. That is all.

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