Evil Dead…..Welcome back horror

7 Apr


Last night a group of us went to go see Evil Dead.  Being a fan from the original ones and following this new movie from conception I was hopeful that this would not only fit into the cult classic but bring back what horror movies should be….and I was not disappointed.

Fede Alverez, 1st time director takes on the cult classic Evil Dead.  The fact that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell gave them their blessings was the first in many of good things to come with this movie. They also brought in Diablo Cody (of Juno) to do some script polishing, and her sense of humor is really noted in here.  The humor was subtle but nicely done with being sick and twisted.  What was great with this script was that it had a really great plot, with a group of friends and family bringing Mia to detox from doing drugs to this cabin in the woods.  Which makes this more of a believable story since no one would really believe her at first on the strange things happening to her was actually happening because of paranormal activities and not just her detoxing and harming herself.

Removing anything we have been forced to see that is considered torture porn, and shows the likes of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and James Wan of how its done and brings us a smart movie with character we care for (as much as we can in a movie like this), bringing a 95% of practical effects (I’m pretty sure they have a labor camp right now going on to remake all the fake blood they drained Hollywood out of), having a brisk pace with tension from the beginning, and just shot beautifully.  Alverez also employed some good unknown actors, most notably Jane Levy who was fantastic.  For a female lead (in fact all of the others as well) she was not victimized, even if she was the victim. She actually kicked ass, she didn’t succumb to the evil, she said fuck you to it.  I really enjoyed her and hope she will be in the sequels (it was #1 at the box office with an early total of $25+ mil, the budget was $17 mil so there is no doubt it will doubt and make more by next weekend).

Alverez also remembers how much this is a cult classic, and gives us little nod/homage to the original movies.  The  most noticeable is the car, the chainsaw and the necklace that on the ground is shaped like a skull, and the tree scene (which was a lot more graphic then I was expecting).  And if you do go see this (which I HIGHLY recommend, it’s fantastic to see with a group of people) stay for after the credits for a groovy button of a surprise.

I’ll leave you with this fun fact of the movie. This movie is not a remake, it is actually a sequel.  Some might call this #4, if you want to get technical it could be #3, since Evil Dead 2 is kind of a remake of The Evil Dead. Either way, it’s a sequel. Which is a ballsy move since the original came out in 1981, Evil Dead 2 in 1987 and Army of Darkness in 1992.   The cabin could possibly be the same cabin used in the other ones, but definitely is set in the same world.

So when will the sequel be green lit?  Will Alverez come back?  Will we get a Mia and Ash mash up?  Time will tell. I think we’ll end up hearing sooner or later. But for now I’m happy with what was given to the fans.

Rating: 4.5/5 not a perfect movie, but it was damn near perfect for me.


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