2 More episodes left and I don’t think The Walking Dead isn’t going there…yet

18 Mar


“Prey” remined us that the season is about to come to a close.  While it wasn’t the best episode, it was the episode I’ve been waiting for the Governor to break out his bad side.  As a fan of the comic series I was really hoping they were going to go the Michonne torture route, but being a fan of the show and really really REALLY hating the man dependent Andrea’s character, I’m gald that she was the one in the seat taped up.  What I’m wondering is, is how far is AMC going to let them go with these torture scenes? The comic was pretty brutal.

There wasn’t much meat to this episode, it was a basic cat and mouse chase between Andrea and The Gov.  The Gov going slightly more mad each day and a nice collection of medical torture tools, and also a fantastic creepy whislter.  Andrea, whose characater is man dependent, has chosen Rick to be the man in charge for her, but the Gov won’t let her go.  I see what Kirkman is trying to do, he is trying to make her into a bad ass.  I’m sorry but it’s kind of late (just as almost late as giving T-Dog some type of heroic story line and character developement on the episode that they kill him).  At this point for me Carol is more bad ass then she is.  I just hope that Arndrea doesn’t kill the Gov or get some random awesome high kill rate episode.  I just can’t do it. You hear me AMC I CAN’T do it.  Back to the Gov. He did the creepy eye roll, which signifies that he is turning truly bad (as you do), and decides to chase Andrea till he capture her.

I’m not going to give the whole episode away witha play by play, since it’s a pretty great episode to me.  Not top notch like two episodes with “Clear” but up there. Was it a filler episode, 50% so.  But I’ve been trying to figure out where they are going to cut this season at.  At one point I thought it would be Woodburry on the attack of the prison. Now I think it’s going to cut where Rick does (those who read the comic will get this), and several of those from the prison trapped/captured in Woodbury.  I guess I need to get on Compendium 2 to see where the rest of this goes.

What about you Walking Dead fans?  Where do you think this season is going to end? What do you think of this so far? Who do you love and hate? Who do you want to be mauled by a zombie?

Zombie on!


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