Nail Trends for 2013…nothing new? Try it and buy it session #1.

5 Mar


So I’m surfing online trying to find the top nail trends for this year. I have the itch to buy something new (not like I don’t have 6 new polishes that came in the mail the other day that I just bought). What I’m not getting is the array of tends. Dark and deep tones are in, and on the other hand brights and neon. I just find it contradicting. So really what your telling me all my nail colors are going to be in season? Hey, sweet, that will eliminate me fretting on what to buy!

My personal opinion the trends seem to be texture. I’ve gotten several nail polishes that are either textured in: leather, cashmere, caviar, wording (not so much texture I know, but nail artist), and liquid sand. I’m debating on the gold leafing on the nails. I’m wondering how messy it could become, and will stay on even with a top coat?

I would like you to tell me your own trends, what is your go to style, and what you think the trend will be for nails? I’m curious.

Also if your curious about a nail product and not to sure if you want to buy it, I will try it out for you. If it fits into my budget (really, I like to think I have a budget for nails, but even if I’m pinching I fit it in lol) I will buy it and try it out for you and post it on here!


2 Responses to “Nail Trends for 2013…nothing new? Try it and buy it session #1.”

  1. Samantha March 5, 2013 at 12:45 am #

    I’ve noticed a big focus on bright, almost neon but not quite, nail shades. But even that isn’t revolutionary. Brights for spring and summer…ground breaking. Oh well, I am totally okay with every shade being in style. Still, I’ve never put much thought into nail trends. If I like the color then I’ll wear it regardless. 🙂

    • icedwavez March 5, 2013 at 12:53 am #

      I noticed the neons are also a thing right now. But when I think of neon I want a smack you in the dark bright. Haven’t found it yet. But I’m totally with you, if I like a color I wear it. Thou I’m a sucker with what is new and out so I can try it. I like statement nails, it’s a good conversation piece!

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