Nails Inc Bling it on rebel….not so rock

3 Mar

I just got finished trying Nails In bling it on rebel. It comes with a black nail polish that is suppose to give a leather effect and different types of nail gems from tiny circles and squares and 4 large skull and bones.

First the polish. The black was a nice consistancy. You have to do two coats. When the first coat dried it looked lumpy. Kind of like you just took off some glitter nail polish and a bit of glitter was left behind. Once the second coat goes on it looks more even. A weird matte look happens. I can see where there is a little bit of pleather look going on. None the less a decent black polish for repeat use.

Second. The nail bedazzles. Not a fan. I really needed tweezers and I couldnt find mine. So I tried different ways to put them on. The best result to add the glue to your nail and just dip it in and hope for the best. And if you have majorly rounded nails, like mine, not a good idea to use this unless you put them on the tips. I didnt even attempt the skull and bones. I wanted to save them for a special occasion. And I dont think going to Williamsburg would be that occassion.

So overall first impression, ehh the Illuminesq Kink gives better pleather. Would I recommend? Maybe for a night out and you want to bedazzle your nails. But you can get gems and sequence anywhere.

Please excuse the jacked nails. I just finished them and I dont properly get the excess off till I shower the next day since it flakes off better that way.


2 Responses to “Nails Inc Bling it on rebel….not so rock”

  1. pagesperfume March 3, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    I’ve been debating whether to buy one of the nails inc. leather effect polishes – do you think they’re worth the expense? xo

    • icedwavez March 3, 2013 at 6:06 pm #

      I like nails Inc as a product. Now that its been overnight amd I see the color in day light it is not bad. The effect is kind of ripple like that gives it a fake cheap worn leather look. Im actually digging the effect it gives either way even if its not mega leather looking. I would say purchase it from Sephora. If anything you will have a great textured black polish (which is in my opinion one of the better black polishes I have because its not real watery and requires a lot of coats to make it even). On the plus side of purchasing it from Sephora even if you use it and dont like it you can take it in for a refund or exchange. But I think you will like the texture effect.

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